Raw Hides & Skins Price in Nigeria (2024)

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If you’ve ever wondered about the price tags on raw hides and skins, you’re not alone. The world of buying and selling these materials can seem complex, but let’s break it down into simple terms.

What are raw hides and skins?

Raw hides and skins are the untreated, unprocessed animal skins typically sourced from animals like cows, sheep, or goats. These materials are fundamental in various industries, from fashion to manufacturing.

What influences their price?

Several factors affect the price of raw hides and skins. Quality, size, and demand are primary determinants. Higher quality hides or skins from well-kept animals usually command a higher price. Additionally, market demand and supply fluctuations can influence prices.

Understanding the price range:

In Nigeria, the retail price range for raw hides and skins is typically between NGN 332.00 and NGN 885.35 per kilogram. To put it in perspective for those accustomed to the imperial system, that translates to roughly between NGN 150.57 and NGN 401.52 per pound.


The pricing of raw hides and skins may vary, but understanding the basics can help make sense of it all. Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, knowing what factors influence prices can aid in making informed decisions.


1.Why do prices fluctuate?

Prices can fluctuate due to changes in factors like demand, supply, and quality. Economic conditions, seasonal variations, and global trade dynamics also play a role.

2.How can I determine the quality of raw hides or skins?

Quality can be assessed based on factors like thickness, texture, flexibility, and absence of defects such as cuts, scars, or insect damage. Professional inspection or consulting with experts can help in evaluating quality accurately.

3.Are there any sustainable practices in the raw hides and skins industry?

Yes, sustainable practices such as ethical sourcing, responsible farming, and eco-friendly processing methods are increasingly being adopted in the industry to minimize environmental impact and ensure animal welfare.

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