Best Bottled Water Brands Price in South Africa (2024)

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Water, the essence of life, remains an indispensable element for human survival. In South Africa, the bottled water industry has witnessed a significant surge, mirroring global trends. With a plethora of options available, choosing the best bottled water brand can be a daunting task. To ease your selection process, we’ve conducted an extensive survey of bottled water brands across South Africa, highlighting the top contenders along with their respective prices.

Prices of the Best Bottled Water Brands in South Africa

In the South African market, various bottled water brands cater to diverse consumer preferences. Below, we present our top picks along with their price ranges:

  1. CWAY Table Water: Starting from ZAR 7.50
  2. Aquapac Limited: Starting from ZAR 10.00
  3. Eva Table Water: Starting from ZAR 15.00
  4. Nestle Bottle Water (Nestle Pure Life): Starting from ZAR 12.00
  5. Ragolis Bottle Water: Starting from ZAR 12.00
  6. SWAN Table Water: Starting from ZAR 15.00

While these brands represent a fraction of the bottled water market in South Africa, their prices remain relatively consistent nationwide. However, prices may vary in larger establishments such as restaurants, clubs, and supermarkets.

Best Bottled Water Brands in South Africa

Now, let’s delve into the details of our top picks, considering their adherence to the qualities of premium drinking water:

CWAY Table Water:

CWAY Table Water, crafted by CWAY Nigeria Limited, offers consumers convenient access to high-quality bottled water. Packaged attractively in compact and portable bottles of 750ml (75CL), it’s suitable for personal use, home consumption, and various events.

Aquapac Limited:

Known for its purity and quality, Aquapac Limited produces premium bottled water free from impurities and taste. Widely available in top supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, this brand caters to the discerning tastes of consumers in South Africa.

Eva Table Water:

Produced by Coca-Cola, Eva Table Water undergoes rigorous processes to ensure purity and healthiness. With zero calories, fats, cholesterol, or carbohydrates, Eva Table Water meets stringent quality standards, making it a reliable choice for hydration.

Nestle Bottle Water (Nestle Pure Life):

Sourced from pristine spring water, Nestle Bottle Water undergoes meticulous testing at every stage of production, ensuring cleanliness and safety. Nestle’s commitment extends beyond water quality to packaging, adhering to strict food safety requirements.

Ragolis Bottle Water:

Ragolis Bottle Water, a product of Ragolis Waters Limited, boasts decades of experience in delivering premium bottled water. Recognized by the Standard Organization of South Africa for its quality management system, Ragolis upholds rigorous quality control measures.

SWAN Table Water:

Similar to Ragolis, SWAN Table Water has a long-standing presence in the market, sourced from natural springs in Plateau State. Rich in essential minerals and with a pH level of 7.3, SWAN Table Water promotes health and wellness.


the bottled water market in South Africa offers a diverse array of options to cater to varying consumer preferences. Whether you prioritize purity, tastelessness, or mineral content, there’s a brand to suit your needs. By adhering to stringent quality standards and undergoing rigorous testing, these top bottled water brands ensure that you receive nothing but the best for your hydration needs.


1.Are these prices inclusive of taxes?

Yes, the prices listed include applicable taxes.

2.Can I purchase these brands online?

Some brands may offer online purchasing options through their official websites or authorized retailers.

3.Do these brands offer bulk purchasing options?

Many of these brands provide bulk purchasing options for both personal and commercial use, catering to varying consumer needs

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