Mack Truck Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you in the market for a heavy-duty truck in Nigeria? If so, you’ve probably come across Mack Trucks, a renowned manufacturer of Class 8 trucks. But before you make your purchase, it’s essential to understand the available models, their prices, and how to maintain them for longevity.

Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks has been a key player in the heavy-duty truck industry since 1900, distributing its vehicles to over 45 countries, including Nigeria. These trucks are versatile, suitable for various operations such as haulage, construction, and road repairs.

Mack Truck Prices in Nigeria

Let’s dive into the prices of different Mack Truck models available in Nigeria:

  1. Mack 40ton Mack Toll Van – From N45 million (Foreign-used, 2005)
  2. Mack Truck Head – From N15 million (Foreign-used, 2012)
  3. Mack 10 Tyres 10 Bolts – From N25 million (Foreign-used, 2014)
  4. MACK Tipper Truck for Sale – From N10 million (Nigerian-used, 2000)
  5. MACK Truck Head CH3 – From N25 million (Foreign-used, 1978)
  6. C H Mack – From N22 million (Foreign-used, 2004)
  7. Mack Truck – From N30 million (Brand New, 2017)

Maintaining Your Mack Trucks

Buying a Mack Truck is a significant investment, but maintaining it properly is crucial for its longevity. Here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Run frequent engine tests: Keep an eye out for signs of engine problems, such as decreased power or heavy smoking. Regular engine tests using computer software can help detect issues early.
  2. Avoid body problems: Protect the body of your truck from corrosion by washing it regularly, spraying door locks with lubricant, and avoiding driving in water-logged areas.
  3. Replace worn-out parts: Periodically check for worn-out parts and replace them promptly to prevent further damage to your truck. Regular lubrication can also help prolong the life of truck components.


Mack Trucks offer a range of options for heavy-duty truck buyers in Nigeria, from Nigerian-used trucks to brand-new models. Understanding the available models and their prices, as well as implementing proper maintenance practices, is essential for getting the most out of your investment.


1.Are Mack Trucks expensive in Nigeria?

Yes, Mack Trucks can be costly in Nigeria, with prices varying depending on the model, condition, and year of manufacture.

2.What should I consider when buying a Mack Truck?

Factors to consider include budget, intended use, condition (Nigerian-used or foreign-used), and maintenance history.

3.How can I maintain my Mack Truck?

Maintain your Mack Truck by running frequent engine tests, avoiding body problems through regular washing and lubrication, and replacing worn-out parts promptly.

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