Best Toothpastes Price in South Africa (2024)

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Toothpaste stands as a cornerstone of dental hygiene, with dentists worldwide recommending brushing at least twice daily. In South Africa, an array of toothpaste brands lines the shelves, offering various benefits and catering to diverse dental needs. This guide delves into some of the most popular toothpaste brands in South Africa, along with their prices and key features.

Prices of Top Toothpastes in South Africa

When navigating the aisles of supermarkets or convenience stores in South Africa for toothpaste, the plethora of options can be overwhelming. To alleviate this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of leading toothpaste brands along with their approximate prices, as of the latest update:

  1. Colgate Toothpaste: Starting from R100
  2. Close-Up Toothpaste: Starting from R70
  3. MacLean Toothpaste: Starting from R50
  4. Pepsodent Toothpaste: Starting from R70
  5. Dabur Toothpaste: Starting from R85

Best Toothpaste Brands in South Africa

Colgate Toothpaste:

Colgate, a renowned American brand, has cemented its position as a global leader in oral care. With a legacy spanning several years, Colgate offers a range of toothpaste products designed to combat cavities, plaque, and gingivitis while enhancing gum health and enamel strength.

Close-Up Toothpaste:

Close-Up Toothpaste, synonymous with cavity-fighting formulas, has been a staple in oral care for decades. Its variants, such as Deep Action Red Hot and Herbal Paste, promise not only to clean teeth thoroughly but also to whiten them by gently removing stains. Close-Up targets enamel damage, aiding enamel restoration through its interaction with saliva calcium.

MacLean Toothpaste:

A household name in South Africa, MacLean Toothpaste, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc., offers advanced triple protection. Its unique dental formula penetrates teeth, fortifying enamel, ensuring clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums. MacLean Herbal, one of its popular variants, harnesses the power of natural ingredients like peppermint oil, sage, and eucalyptus for comprehensive dental care.

Pepsodent Toothpaste:

Pepsodent, boasting a heritage dating back to 1942, holds a prominent position in the global dental care market. Widely used by South African families, Pepsodent offers a diverse range of products tailored to various dental needs, from sensitive teeth protection to whitening and germ control.

Dabur Toothpaste:

For those seeking herbal toothpaste options in South Africa, Dabur Toothpaste emerges as a popular choice. Formulated from herbal ingredients, Dabur products address concerns like tooth decay, cavities, and plaque buildup. Its natural cleansers, combined with salt and lemon abrasives, effectively rid teeth of tartar, stains, and plaque while strengthening gums.


maintaining optimal oral hygiene is paramount, and choosing the right toothpaste plays a crucial role. Whether you opt for the trusted Colgate, the refreshing Close-Up, the reliable MacLean, the versatile Pepsodent, or the herbal goodness of Dabur, rest assured that these leading toothpaste brands in South Africa are committed to promoting dental health and ensuring bright smiles across the nation.


1.Are these toothpaste brands suitable for children?

Yes, most of these brands offer variants specifically formulated for children, catering to their dental needs while ensuring safety and efficacy.

2.Can these toothpaste brands help with sensitive teeth?

Certainly, many variants are designed to address sensitivity issues, providing relief and protection for sensitive teeth.

3.Are these toothpaste brands available nationwide?

Yes, these brands are widely available across South Africa, accessible in supermarkets, pharmacies, and online stores for the convenience of consumers nationwide

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