Canon Printers Price in South Africa (2024)

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When it comes to high-efficiency printers, Canon stands out as a prominent choice for consumers worldwide. Renowned for their reliability and exceptional print quality, Canon printers have secured a top position in the South African market. With a diverse range of products catering to various needs, Canon offers printers suitable for both personal and professional use.

Canon Printers Overview

Canon printers encompass a wide array of series, each designed to meet specific printing requirements. From the versatile Pixma series to the powerful Image Runner lineup, Canon offers printers that excel in performance and quality. Here’s a breakdown of popular Canon printer series available in South Africa, along with their corresponding prices in South African Rand (ZAR):

Pixma Series

  • Canon Pixma G2411 All-In-One Printer – Print, Scan & Copy: ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 2,300
  • Canon Pixma E414 Inkjet Photo Printer (All-In-One): ZAR 300 – ZAR 600
  • Canon Pixma E474 All In One Inkjet Photo Printer: ZAR 550 – ZAR 700
  • Canon Pixma MG24540S Inkjet Printer: ZAR 250 – ZAR 400
  • Canon Pixma Ip2840 A4 Single Function Inkjet Printer: ZAR 250 – ZAR 500
  • Canon G3410 Pixma Multi-Function Color Inkjet: ZAR 1,200 – ZAR 1,500
  • Canon PIXMA G2400 All In One Printer: ZAR 800 – ZAR 1,000
  • Canon Pixma G4400 Printer: ZAR 3,000 – ZAR 3,200
  • Canon PIXMA All In One Wireless G3400 Printer: ZAR 1,200 – ZAR 1,500

Image-Runner Series

  • Canon Image Runner IR6555I Printer: ZAR 150,000 – ZAR 200,000
  • Canon Colour Image Runner IRC3530i Printer: ZAR 100,000 – ZAR 120,000
  • Canon Image Runner Advance C3520i Printer: ZAR 80,000 – ZAR 120,000
  • Canon Image Runner C3525i Printer: ZAR 110,000 – ZAR 130,000
  • Canon IR 4245i Copier Machine: ZAR 120,000 – ZAR 150,000
  • Canon Image Runner IR 4545I Printer: ZAR 180,000 – ZAR 200,000

I-Sensys Series

  • Canon I-Sensys LASER LP 6030w: ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 1,800
  • Canon I-Sensys LBP611Cn: ZAR 3,000 – ZAR 3,500
  • Canon I-Sensys Mf231 Monochrome 3-In-1 Laser Printer: ZAR 2,000 – ZAR 2,500
  • Canon I-Sensys Lbp7018c Laserjet Colour Printer: ZAR 2,000 – ZAR 3,500
  • Canon I-Sensys LBP214DW A4 Mono Laser Printer: ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 1,700

Maxify Series

  • Canon Maxify Mb2140 Multifunction Inkjet Wireless Printer: ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 2,000
  • Canon Maxify IB4140 Printer: ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 1,700

What You Will Like About Canon Printers

Canon printers offer exceptional print quality and user-friendly interfaces, making them suitable for both novice and experienced users. Their reliability and diverse range of models ensure that there’s a Canon printer to meet every printing need. Additionally, Canon printers boast attractive designs, adding aesthetic appeal to any workspace.


Canon printers are highly regarded in the printing industry for their outstanding performance and reliability. With a wide range of models catering to various needs, Canon continues to set the standard for excellence in printing technology.


1.Where can I purchase Canon printers in South Africa?

Canon printers are available at various retail outlets, including electronics stores and online retailers. Additionally, Canon has authorized dealers across South Africa where you can purchase their products.

2.Are Canon printers easy to set up and use?

Yes, Canon printers are known for their user-friendly interfaces and straightforward setup processes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user, you’ll find Canon printers easy to operate.

3.Do Canon printers offer good print quality?

Absolutely. Canon printers are renowned for their exceptional print quality, delivering crisp and clear documents and images consistently.

4.Are Canon printers compatible with different devices?

Yes, Canon printers are compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They offer versatile connectivity options to suit various user preferences.


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