Ceiling Fans Price in South Africa (2024)

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In the realm of cooling solutions for indoor spaces, few options rival the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of ceiling fans. Over the past few decades, these fixtures have soared in popularity across South Africa, providing a practical alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. Their versatility, ease of use, and space-saving design have rendered them indispensable in homes, offices, and various other environments.

Why Choose Ceiling Fans Over Alternatives?

Despite facing stiff competition from standing fans, ceiling fans maintain a strong market presence in South Africa. Their appeal lies not only in their cooling capabilities but also in their convenience and unobtrusive installation. Unlike standing fans, ceiling fans occupy minimal space and seamlessly blend into the room’s decor by being mounted on the ceiling.

Exploring Ceiling Fan Prices in South Africa

Ceiling fans in South Africa are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and brands, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Prices may vary depending on factors such as brand, size, and features. Here’s an overview of ceiling fan prices from popular brands in the South African market:

QASA Ceiling Fan Prices:

  • Qasa Short Blade Ceiling Fan -24″: From R1,600
  • Qasa Short Blade Ceiling Fan -36″: From R2,800
  • 36 Inches Ceiling Fan: From R2,500
  • Qasa SOLAR 56 Inches AC/DC Ceiling Fan+Remote: From R2,875
  • Qasa 60” Ceiling Fan QCF-60 Inches: From R3,500
  • 62 inches ceiling fan: From R4,000

OX Ceiling Fan Prices:

  • Ox 25″ Short Blade Imperial Ceiling Fan: From R2,000
  • Imperial 56 inches ceiling fan: From R3,000
  • 60 inches ceiling fan: From R3,500
  • 62 inches ceiling fan: From R3,700

ORL Ceiling Fan Prices:

  • 24 inches ceiling fan: From R1,860
  • 56 inches ceiling fan: From R2,500
  • 60 inches ceiling fan: From R3,700
  • 62 inches ceiling fan: From R4,990

Century Ceiling Fan Prices:

  • Century 16″ Orbit Ceiling Fan With Wall Control: From R2,400
  • Century 24 Inches Short Blades Ceiling Fan HIGH SPEED: From R1,390
  • Century Ceiling Fan – Brown 60A: From R2,500
  • Century 56″ Ceiling Fan (brown): From R2,400
  • Century 60″ Ceiling Fan (brown): From R3,200

Panasonic Ceiling Fan Prices:

  • 56 inches ceiling fan: From R7,050
  • 60 inches ceiling fan: From R7,500
  • Panasonic Ceiling Fan (F-56xz2)-56inch 140cm 3 in a Carton: From R9,000

Sonic Ceiling Fan Prices:

  • Sonik Short Blade 24″ Ceiling Fan: From R1,450
  • Sonik Ceiling Fan Scf 112 – 1400MM – 56 Inches Blade: From R2,400
  • Sonik Ceiling Fan Scf 112 – 1400MM – 60 Inches Blade: From R2,800

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Ceiling Fan

When shopping for a ceiling fan in South Africa, several factors warrant consideration to ensure optimal functionality and satisfaction:

  1. Size: Select a fan size suitable for the room’s dimensions. Larger rooms typically require fans with greater blade spans for effective air circulation.
  2. Noise Levels: Opt for ceiling fans known for their quiet operation to avoid disruptions to your living or working environment.
  3. Budget: Determine a budget beforehand and explore options within your price range to find the best value for money.
  4. Motor Type: Consider the motor type of the ceiling fan, as it directly influences its performance and energy efficiency.


Ceiling fans stand as a testament to innovation and practicality in the realm of indoor climate control. In South Africa, their affordability, efficiency, and space-saving design make them an indispensable addition to any home or office. By considering essential factors such as size, noise levels, budget, and motor type, consumers can make informed decisions when investing in ceiling fans for their cooling needs.


1.Are ceiling fans suitable for all room sizes?

Ceiling fans come in various sizes to accommodate different room dimensions. It’s essential to choose a fan size proportional to the room’s size for optimal performance.

2.Can ceiling fans be installed in outdoor spaces?

Yes, many ceiling fan models are suitable for outdoor installation, provided they are designed to withstand exposure to moisture and other outdoor elements.

3.Are ceiling fans energy-efficient?

Compared to air conditioning systems, ceiling fans consume significantly less energy, making them a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooling solution

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