Citrus Juice Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you a citrus lover, always craving that zesty, tangy taste? If so, you might have wondered about the cost of that refreshing citrus juice you enjoy. Well, wonder no more! Let’s break down the retail price range of citrus juice in Nigeria, making it easy for you to understand.

Understanding the Price Range:

Citrus juice, whether it’s made from oranges, lemons, or other citrus fruits, comes with a price tag that can vary based on several factors. In Nigeria, the retail price range for citrus juice typically falls between NGN 450.51 and NGN 2,252.53 per kilogram. If you prefer to think in pounds, that’s between NGN 204.31 and NGN 1,021.56 per pound.

What Influences the Price?

  1. Type of Citrus: Different citrus fruits may have varying costs due to factors like availability, seasonality, and the difficulty of extraction.
  2. Quality: Premium or organic citrus juice might come with a higher price tag due to superior taste or production methods.
  3. Packaging: Bottled or packaged citrus juice may cost more than freshly squeezed due to additional processing and packaging costs.


Whether you’re sipping on a glass of orange juice with breakfast or enjoying a refreshing lemonade on a hot day, knowing the price range of citrus juice can help you make informed choices. From budget-friendly options to premium selections, there’s a citrus juice out there to suit every taste and budget.


  1. Why does citrus juice vary in price?

    • Citrus juice prices can fluctuate due to factors such as fruit availability, quality, and packaging methods.
  2. Is freshly squeezed juice more expensive than bottled juice?

    • Freshly squeezed juice may be priced differently from bottled juice due to factors like production costs and shelf life.
  3. Are there cheaper alternatives to citrus juice?

    • Yes, you can explore alternatives like powdered or concentrate forms of citrus juice, which may be more budget-friendly options.
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