Cooking Pots Price in South Africa (2024)

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A well-equipped kitchen is incomplete without quality cooking pots. As the demand for cooking pots continues to rise in South Africa, numerous brands have entered the market, offering a wide array of options in terms of types, sizes, and materials. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the prices of cooking pots in South Africa, essential factors to consider when purchasing, and valuable tips to aid your decision-making process.

Prices of Cooking Pots in South Africa:

Determining the exact cost of cooking pots can be challenging due to the variety available, including different sizes, designs, and brands. Generally, cooking pots are sold individually or in sets ranging from three to eight pieces. Here’s a breakdown of the prices of various cooking pot brands in the South African market:

  • Single-piece cooking pots: R70 – R500, depending on brand, size, and quality.

Top Brands and Their Prices:

  1. Prestige Cooking Pots:
    • Prestige 5-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set: R400 – R600
  2. Russell Hobbs Cooking Pots:
    • Russell Hobbs 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set: R800 – R1200
  3. Tefal Cooking Pots:
    • Tefal 6-Piece Aluminium Cookware Set: R1000 – R1500
  4. Mellerware Cooking Pots:
    • Mellerware 3-Piece Non-Stick Pot Set: R250 – R400
  5. Baccarat Cooking Pots:
    • Baccarat Granite 8-Piece Cookware Set: R1500 – R2000

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cooking Pot:

  1. Budget: Determine your budget beforehand to narrow down your options effectively. Remember, the most expensive option may not always be the best choice for your needs.
  2. Heat Conductivity: Consider the material of the cooking pot, as it affects heat conductivity. Materials like copper conduct heat better than stainless steel, resulting in more even cooking.
  3. Durability: Opt for brands and materials known for their durability, such as stainless steel, to ensure longevity and value for money.
  4. Size: Choose the size of the pot based on your cooking needs. Consider the quantity of food you typically prepare to select an appropriately sized pot.


Investing in high-quality cooking pots is essential for any kitchen in South Africa. By considering factors like budget, heat conductivity, durability, and size, you can make an informed decision when purchasing cooking pots. With a wide range of options available from reputable brands, finding the perfect cooking pots for your kitchen is easier than ever.


  1. What are the average prices of cooking pots in South Africa?

    • Single-piece cooking pots range from R70 to R500, while set prices vary based on the brand and number of pieces.
  2. Which materials offer the best heat conductivity for cooking pots?

    • Materials like copper provide excellent heat conductivity, resulting in more even cooking compared to stainless steel or aluminium.
  3. How do I choose the right size of cooking pot for my needs?

    • Consider the quantity of food you typically prepare and choose a pot size that accommodates your cooking requirements effectively
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