Curved TV Prices in Nigeria (2024) (Samsung, LG, etc.)

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In the realm of television technology, one innovation that has captivated the hearts of many TV enthusiasts is the introduction of curved TVs. Over a decade ago, these unique creations made their debut in the Nigerian market, swiftly garnering a strong following among TV lovers. Despite their initial reputation for being pricey and high-maintenance compared to their flat counterparts, the landscape has since evolved, presenting a diverse array of curved TVs that are more accessible in terms of cost.

The Evolution of Curved TVs in Nigeria

Initially perceived as a luxury item, curved TVs have now become more attainable for the average consumer in Nigeria. While renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG continue to offer premium curved TVs at relatively higher prices, the market now boasts a plethora of options from various manufacturers, some of which are surprisingly affordable. This expansion has democratized the curved TV experience, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Exploring the World of Curved TVs

Curved TVs come in different sizes, display types (such as LED, Plasma, and OLED), and price ranges. Their distinctive curved design not only enhances the viewing experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to any space, be it a living room, office, or bedroom. With their sleek aesthetics and advanced features, curved TVs seamlessly blend style with functionality.

Breaking Down the Prices

Understanding the pricing dynamics of curved TVs is essential for informed purchasing decisions. Factors such as brand reputation, display technology, size, and geographical location influence the cost. While premium brands command higher prices, more budget-friendly options from brands like Hisense and Polystar offer compelling alternatives without compromising on quality.

Sample Curved TV Prices in Nigeria

  • Samsung Curved TVs:
    • 32 inches LED curved TV: From N145,000
    • 46 inches smart Curved TV: From N342,000
    • 55 inches HD Curved TV: From N460,900
  • LG Curved TVs:

    • 43 inches HD Curved TV: From N220,000
    • 55 inches OLED Curved TV: From N800,000
    • 65 inches OLED Curved TV: From N900,000
  • Hisense Curved TVs:

    • 49 inches Curved TV: From N215,000
    • 55 inches Curved TV: From N290,000
    • 65 inches Curved TV: From N485,000
  • Polystar Curved TVs:

    • Polystar 32″ INCH SMART CURVED TV: From N106,000
    • Polystar 55” Inch Smart Curved Certified UHD 4k TV: From N258,000
    • Polystar 65” FULL HD Curved 4K Smart TV: From N400,000

Why Choose a Curved TV?

  • Enhanced viewing experience with wider field of view
  • Superior picture quality and sharpness
  • Stylish design that elevates any space
  • User-friendly operation despite advanced features

Considerations Before Buying

While curved TVs offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to weigh the following factors:

  • Potential narrowness of images when viewed from certain angles
  • Increased visibility of on-screen reflections, especially during daylight
  • Higher upfront cost compared to flat TVs


The world of curved TVs has undergone a remarkable transformation, transitioning from a niche luxury to a mainstream choice for consumers in Nigeria. With an extensive range of options available at varying price points, there’s never been a better time to experience the immersive viewing experience offered by curved TVs.


1.Are curved TVs more expensive than flat ones?

While curved TVs generally come with a higher price tag, the market now offers affordable options from a range of manufacturers.

2.Do curved TVs offer better picture quality?

Curved TVs are known for providing a wider field of view and enhanced picture quality, thanks to their curved design.

3.What should I consider before purchasing a curved TV?

Factors such as brand reputation, display technology, size, and budget should be taken into account to ensure a satisfying purchase.

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