Dostinex Price in South Africa (2024)

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In recent years, the spotlight has turned to Double Stemcell as a highly sought-after natural supplement in South Africa. Revered for its potential in treating a myriad of ailments, this article aims to delve into its pricing, functionalities, and potential side effects within the South African market.

Cost of Double Stemcell in South Africa:

When considering the cost of Double Stemcell in South Africa, it’s essential to note the various types and packs available. The most common version, which typically contains 14 sachets, ranges in price from approximately R1,500 to R2,500. However, prices may vary based on the purchasing location and period. It’s crucial for consumers to be vigilant against counterfeit products and opt to purchase from registered natural supplement stores or reputable online platforms.

What is Double Stemcell?:

Double Stemcell is hailed as a natural remedy with purported effectiveness against a spectrum of diseases prevalent in South Africa, including ulcers, brain issues, glaucoma, and spinal cord ailments. Testimonials suggest its potential in addressing hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, and mitigating the effects of cancer. Stem cells derived from various plants, particularly PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell) and PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cell), are believed to contribute to its therapeutic effects, although conclusive medical evidence is still lacking.

Ingredients of Double Stem Cell:

  1. PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell): Stem cells sourced from the rare Swiss apple, Utwiler Spatlauber, known for its skin cell regeneration properties and wrinkle-delaying effects.
  2. PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cell): Stem cells extracted from the Gamay Teinturier Fréaux grape, rich in polyphenols for UV protection, enhancing skin cell vitality and resilience.
  3. Blueberry: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, blueberries offer myriad health benefits including immune system support, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function improvement.


Double Stemcell emerges as a promising natural supplement in the South African market, boasting reported efficacy against various ailments. While the precise mechanisms of its therapeutic action warrant further investigation, its growing popularity and positive reviews underscore its significance in the realm of alternative medicine.


  1. What is the price range of Double Stemcell in South Africa?

    • The price typically ranges from R1,500 to R2,500 for a pack containing 14 sachets, subject to variations based on location and time of purchase.
  2. Where can I purchase Double Stemcell in South Africa?

    • Double Stemcell is available in registered natural supplement stores across the country and can also be bought from reputable online platforms.
  3. What are the main ingredients of Double Stemcell?

    • The key ingredients include PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell), PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis (Grape Stem Cell), and blueberries, renowned for their health-promoting properties.
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