Glycerol Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you curious about the cost of glycerol? Maybe you’ve heard about its various uses and want to know how much it might set you back. Well, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll break down the retail price range of glycerol in simple terms that anyone can understand.

What is Glycerol?

First things first, let’s talk about what glycerol actually is. Glycerol, also known as glycerin, is a versatile compound that is commonly used in various industries. It’s odorless, colorless, and has a sweet taste. You might find it in skincare products, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and even explosives!

Understanding Glycerol Prices

Now, onto the main event: the price of glycerol. In Nigeria, the retail price range for glycerol typically falls between NGN 2,683.13 and NGN 3,577.51 per kilogram. If you prefer to think in pounds, that’s between NGN 1,216.84 and NGN 1,622.45 per pound.

Why Do Glycerol Prices Vary?

You might be wondering why there’s such a wide range in glycerol prices. Well, several factors can influence the cost, including market demand, production methods, and quality. Additionally, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can also play a role in determining the final price.


Iglycerol is a valuable compound with a range of applications, and its price can vary depending on various factors. Whether you’re a consumer looking to buy glycerol-based products or a business considering incorporating it into your processes, understanding its price range is essential for making informed decisions.


1.Is glycerol safe to use?

Yes, glycerol is generally considered safe for use in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. However, it’s always essential to follow proper guidelines and regulations when handling any chemical substance.

2.Can I buy glycerol directly?

Depending on your location and the quantity you need, you may be able to purchase glycerol directly from manufacturers, chemical suppliers, or retailers. Be sure to check local regulations and licensing requirements before making any purchases.

3.What are the main uses of glycerol?

Glycerol has numerous uses, including moisturizing and hydrating properties in skincare products, sweetening and preserving foods and beverages, and serving as a solvent in pharmaceuticals. Its versatility makes it a valuable compound in various industries worldwide

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