Graphics Design Courses in Nigeria & Price (2024)

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Graphic design is an essential skill applicable across various fields, especially in today’s digitally driven world. Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer or already have some knowledge in the field, enrolling in graphic design courses can significantly enhance your skills. Nigeria offers a variety of graphic design courses catering to different levels of expertise and interests. Below, we discuss some popular courses along with their prices and key features.

1. Become a Professional Graphic Designer

  • Training Cost: N7,500
  • Duration: 20.38 hours
  • Description: This crash course provides an introduction to graphic design principles and software tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Acrobat, and Illustrator. It covers topics like visual communication fundamentals, successful layout building, and starting a career in graphic design. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

2. Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn Graphic Design in Projects

  • Training Cost: N24,900
  • Duration: 3.55 hours
  • Description: Ideal for beginners and intermediate designers, this course focuses on teaching design principles, typography, color theory, and applying them practically. Participants learn using Adobe Creative Cloud or older versions of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The course is divided into seven sections covering various aspects of graphic design.

3. Canva Master Course | Learn Canva with Ronny

  • Training Cost: N24,900
  • Duration: 16.40 hours
  • Description: Canva is a popular graphic design platform, and this course delves into its theoretical and practical aspects. Participants learn to create various designs and content including social media posts, presentations, videos, and websites using Canva. Suitable for virtual assistants, content creators, social media managers, and beginner designers.


Graphic design courses in Nigeria cater to individuals with different skill levels and interests. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive crash course, mastering design principles, or specializing in a specific tool like Canva, there are options available to suit your needs.


  1. Who can benefit from graphic design courses in Nigeria?

    • Graphic design courses are beneficial for individuals aspiring to become graphic designers, digital artists, web designers, virtual assistants, social media managers, and freelancers aiming to enhance their career prospects.
  2. Do I need prior experience to enroll in these courses?

    • No, these courses cater to individuals with varying levels of experience, from beginners to intermediate designers. They provide foundational knowledge as well as advanced techniques to suit different learning needs.
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