Interior Design Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Interior design is gaining popularity rapidly, with people becoming increasingly discerning about their living and working spaces. As a result, the demand for interior designers is soaring. If you’re considering a career in interior design or simply want to enhance your skills, exploring interior design courses in Nigeria is a fantastic start. Let’s delve into some top courses and institutes you can enroll in.

Intro to Interior Design Course

Training Cost: N14,900
Training Duration: 9.18 hours

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to interior design, catering to individuals with varying levels of experience. From basic knowledge to technical drawing and CAD software use, this course covers essential aspects of interior design. It’s ideal for anyone interested in the field, including graduate students and novice interior designers.

Design is in the Details: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Training Cost: N17,900
Training Duration: 2.45 hours

Learn the art of accessorizing and transforming rooms into visually stunning spaces with this detailed course. Covering topics such as the importance of accessories, mixing wood and metal finishes, and utilizing different types of moldings, this course is perfect for aspiring interior designers and professionals alike.

How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home

Training Cost: N17,900
Training Duration: 2.12 hours

Lighting plays a pivotal role in interior design, and this course equips you with the knowledge to utilize it effectively. Discover lighting tricks, learn to calculate lumens for various rooms, and master the art of choosing the right fixtures to enhance your home’s ambiance. Suitable for individuals looking to improve their home interiors or expand their expertise in lighting design.

Top Interior Design Schools in Nigeria

For those preferring physical training, several esteemed interior design schools in Nigeria offer comprehensive programs:

  1. Builders Hub Interior Design Academy
  2. Decalibre Institute
  3. Design Tactics Academy
  4. Jenniez School of African Interior Design
  5. Maven School of Interior Decoration and Design
  6. Simplinteriors
  7. Space Calibre Limited
  8. DecorhubNG Training
  9. Exquis Haven Interiors & Design School
  10. Interior Fitted Homes Interior Design Academy
  11. Intexure Studios
  12. Megaquip Interior
  13. Pizmich Interiors
  14. Prestige Professional Interior Design Academy
  15. Sixth Sense Design School
  16. Top 2 Floor Interior Design Institute


Embark on your journey into the captivating world of interior design by enrolling in one of these courses or institutes. Whether you’re a novice enthusiast or a seasoned professional seeking to broaden your horizons, the opportunities for growth and learning in interior design are boundless.


1.What are the prerequisites for enrolling in an interior design course?

There are typically no specific prerequisites for introductory courses, except for a passion for interior design. Advanced courses may require some prior knowledge or experience in the field.

2.Are these courses suitable for aspiring interior designers only?

No, these courses cater to a diverse audience, including individuals interested in interior design as a hobby or those seeking to enhance their home environments.

3.Can I enroll in multiple courses simultaneously?

Yes, you can enroll in multiple courses to gain a broader understanding of interior design principles and techniques. However, ensure that you can manage the workload effectively.

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