Interlocking Paving Stones Price in South Africa (2024)

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Are you looking to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces? Look no further than interlocking paving stones! These versatile and stylish additions are revolutionizing the way we design driveways, pathways, patios, and more. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about interlocking paving stones in South Africa, from prices to benefits and beyond.

Interlocking Paving Stones Prices in South Africa

Interlocking paving stones come in various types, each offering unique patterns, sizes, and colors. To help you navigate the market, we’ve compiled a comprehensive price list based on our research:

  1. Flagstone flooring travertine paving stones: ZAR 200 – ZAR 550 per 100 square meters
  2. G654 Dark Grey Granite Interlock Paving Stone: ZAR 1,000 – ZAR 1,250 per 100 square meters
  3. Granite Interlocking Hexagon facing Paving Stone: ZAR 1,000 – ZAR 1,150 per 200 square meters
  4. Yellow Color Garden Tiger Skin Granite Interlocking Flag Paving Stone: ZAR 1,020 – ZAR 1,110 per 100 square meters
  5. HZW-107 misty white G603 interlocking granite cube stone: ZAR 940 – ZAR 1,250 per 100 square meters

Please note that these prices are subject to market fluctuations and may vary depending on the supplier and location.

Benefits of Using Interlocking Paving Stones in Construction

Interlocking paving stones offer a plethora of advantages, making them a preferred choice for outdoor flooring solutions:

  1. Easy and Quick Installation: Unlike traditional materials like asphalt or poured concrete, interlocking paving stones can be installed swiftly, typically within one to two days. This not only saves time but also minimizes disruption to your property.
  2. Easy to Remove or Replace: In the event of damage or wear, interlocking paving stones can be effortlessly removed and replaced without extensive reconstruction. This flexibility ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs.
  3. Customizable Designs: With a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures available, interlocking paving stones allow for unparalleled customization. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or a rustic charm, there’s a design to suit every taste.
  4. Versatility: From driveways and pathways to patios and pool areas, interlocking paving stones can be used in various applications, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Interlocking paving stones are not just practical; they’re also a stylish and cost-effective solution for transforming your outdoor areas. With their easy installation, durability, and versatility, they offer endless possibilities for creating stunning landscapes that stand the test of time.


1.How long does it take to install interlocking paving stones?

Installation typically takes one to two days, depending on the size of the area.

2.Are interlocking paving stones easy to maintain?

Yes, interlocking paving stones are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water and mild detergent.

3.Can interlocking paving stones withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, interlocking paving stones are durable and can withstand various weather conditions, including heavy rain and extreme heat.

4.Are interlocking paving stones suitable for commercial spaces?

Absolutely! Interlocking paving stones are versatile and can be used in commercial outdoor areas, driveways, walkways, and more

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