Jubaili Bros Generators Price in South Africa (2024)

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When it comes to reliable heavy-duty generators in South Africa, Jubaili Bros stands out as a leading name in the industry. Renowned for their soundproof and fuel-efficient diesel generators, Jubaili Bros offers solutions ideal for both standby and continuous use. Businesses and individuals across South Africa prefer their generators for their efficiency, low maintenance costs, and minimal noise output.

Jubaili Bros provides a wide range of generators with power outputs ranging from 9KVA to 2500KVA, ensuring there’s a suitable option for various needs and applications. They offer two primary lines of high-power generators:

JET Generators

Powered by Perkins engines assembled in the United Kingdom, JET generators are equipped with top-quality components such as ABB components, deep sea controllers, and Leroy-Somer alternators. These generators operate at fixed speeds of either 1800 rpm or 1500 rpm, ensuring consistent performance. Here’s a list of available power outputs:

  • 5KVA
  • 15KVA
  • 20KVA
  • 30KVA
  • 45KVA
  • 60KVA
  • 80KVA
  • 100KVA
  • 135KVA
  • 150KVA
  • 180KVA
  • 200KVA
  • 230KVA
  • 250KVA
  • 275KVA
  • 300KVA
  • 350KVA
  • 400KVA
  • 455KVA
  • 500KVA
  • 600KVA
  • 650KVA
  • 750KVA
  • 800KVA
  • 1000KVA

Marapco Generators

Marapco generators, also powered by Perkins and MTU engines, are designed and tested to the highest international standards. They offer superior durability and reliability, capable of withstanding various operational conditions. In addition to the power outputs listed for JET generators, Marapco generators are available in higher outputs:

  • 1100KVA
  • 1250KVA
  • 1500KVA
  • 1710KVA
  • 1850KVA
  • 2000KVA
  • 2250KVA

Jubaili Bros generators come with a one-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance services. Additionally, the company ensures availability of original spare parts for hassle-free replacements.

Prices of Used Jubaili Bros Generators in South Africa

If purchasing a brand new generator isn’t feasible, there are options to buy used Jubaili Bros generators in good condition. Prices for used generators may vary based on factors such as usage duration. Here are some estimated price ranges in South African currency:

  • Jubaili Bros 20KVA P20 Sound Proof Generator: ZAR 160,000 – ZAR 255,000
  • Jubaili Bros 45KVA Generator: ZAR 350,000 – ZAR 400,000
  • Jubaili Bros 30KVA Generator: ZAR 175,000 – ZAR 300,000
  • Jubaili Bros 150KVA Generator: ZAR 450,000 – ZAR 550,000
  • Jubaili Bros 250KVA Generator: ZAR 700,000 – ZAR 850,000
  • Jubaili Bros 135KVA Generator: ZAR 400,000 – ZAR 500,000


Jubaili Bros offers top-quality heavy-duty generators suitable for various applications in South Africa. With a wide range of power outputs and reliable performance, their generators are favored by businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re looking for a brand new or used generator, Jubaili Bros ensures quality, efficiency, and after-sales support.


1.Where can I purchase brand new Jubaili Bros generators in South Africa?

For information on the prices of brand new Jubaili Bros generators and purchasing options, visit their official website or contact their offices nationwide.

2.Are spare parts readily available for Jubaili Bros generators in South Africa?

Yes, Jubaili Bros ensures availability of original spare parts for their generators, ensuring convenient maintenance and repairs.

3.Do Jubaili Bros generators in South Africa run on petrol or diesel?

Jubaili Bros generators primarily run on diesel, offering cost-effective maintenance compared to petrol generators

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