Kemage Generator Price in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa, the persistent issue of erratic power supply remains a significant challenge for homes, businesses, and institutions alike. This dilemma has necessitated the adoption of alternative power sources, with generators emerging as a popular choice. Among the myriad of generator brands available, Kemage Generators, though not widely known, are swiftly gaining recognition in the South African market due to their blend of quality and affordability.

Kemage Generator Prices in South Africa

Manufactured in South Korea and exported globally, Kemage Generators are renowned for their durability and reliability. Here’s an overview of Kemage generator prices in South Africa:

  1. Kemage 12kVA Petrol Generator With Remote Control (100% Copper-KM11000E2): Starting from R65,800
  2. Kemage 3.2kVA KM4000E2 Generator H Series (100% Copper Key Starter): Starting from R40,000
  3. Kemage 3.5kVA KM4000E2 Generator (100% Copper Key Starter): Starting from R42,000
  4. Kemage 4.5kVA Manual Starter Power Generator- KM4000: Starting from R45,000
  5. Kemage 5.5kVA KM4000E2 Generator (100% Copper Key Starter): Starting from R48,000
  6. Kemage Generator 10.5kVA Petrol Engine KM11000: Starting from R65,000
  7. Kemage Generator With Remote Control 8.5kVA Petrol Engine: Starting from R63,000

Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator in South Africa

  1. Power Needs: Calculate the combined wattage of all appliances to determine your power requirements. Add a buffer for safety.
  2. Quietness: Consider noise regulations in your area and opt for generators that meet or exceed industry noise standards.
  3. Fuel Consumption: Choose a generator with optimal fuel efficiency to reduce long-term operating costs.
  4. Purchase and Maintenance Costs: Evaluate both initial purchase prices and ongoing maintenance expenses to ensure affordability over time.


Kemage Generators offer a reliable solution to the power supply challenges faced by many in South Africa. With a range of models catering to different power needs and budgets, Kemage stands out for its quality construction and competitive pricing. By considering factors such as power requirements, noise levels, fuel efficiency, and overall costs, consumers can make informed decisions when investing in a generator.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Are Kemage Generators suitable for residential use?

Yes, Kemage Generators offer models suitable for both residential and commercial applications, providing reliable power backup solutions tailored to various needs.

2.How do I determine the right generator size for my needs?

Calculate the combined wattage of all appliances you intend to power, considering both starting and running wattages. Add a safety buffer to ensure the generator can handle peak loads without overloading.

3.Are Kemage Generators environmentally friendly?

While generators inherently produce emissions, Kemage Generators utilize advanced technology to optimize fuel efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

4.Can I find Kemage Generators nationwide in South Africa?

Yes, Kemage Generators are distributed across various electronics stores and dealerships throughout South Africa, offering accessibility to consumers across the country.

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