Kenwood Cake Mixer Price in South Africa (2024)

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In the bustling world of culinary delights, cake mixers stand as indispensable tools, not merely confined to the realm of baking but extending their prowess to various culinary endeavors. Among the esteemed manufacturers of these culinary workhorses stands Kenwood, renowned for its quality and versatility. In this post, we embark on a journey to explore the realm of cake mixers, focusing particularly on Kenwood’s offerings and their prices in South Africa. Additionally, we’ll delve into essential considerations when selecting a cake mixer tailored to your culinary needs.

Kenwood Cake Mixer Prices in South Africa

Kenwood, a stalwart in the world of kitchen appliances, offers an array of cake mixers, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Let’s unravel the prices of Kenwood cake mixers in South Africa:

  1. Kenwood 3-in-1 Hand Blender and Mixer, 450 watts: ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 1,750
  2. Kenwood 5 Litres Stainless Steel Stand Mixer/Kitchen Machine, 1000W: ZAR 3,000 – ZAR 3,650
  3. Kenwood Chef Original Stand Mixer, 5 litres Stainless Bowl: ZAR 3,200 – ZAR 5,120
  4. 380 watts Kenwood Hand Mixer: ZAR 250 – ZAR 475
  5. 2-liter Kenwood Cake Mixer: ZAR 550 – ZAR 850
  6. Kenwood Hand Mixer Kw-7710 1000 Watts 7 Speed: ZAR 700 – ZAR 1,175
  7. Original Kenwood Stand Mixer/Kitchen Machine, 5 Liters Bowl: ZAR 3,000 – ZAR 4,750
  8. Kenwood Industrial Mixer Kenwood Mixer 7 litres: ZAR 6,500 – ZAR 8,700
  9. Kenwood Prospero Multi-Functional Mixer Km240: ZAR 4,500 – ZAR 5,000
  10. Kenwood HM680 Chefette Hand Mixer With Bowl: ZAR 1,750 – ZAR 2,500
  11. Kenwood Industrial Standing Mixer 6.7 litres: ZAR 17,500 – ZAR 32,500
  12. Kenwood Stainless Cake Mixer With Rotating Bowl – 2.5 Liters: ZAR 950 – ZAR 1,300
  13. Kenwood Chef Stand Mixer 5 Litres Stainless Bowl, 3 Springles: ZAR 3,600 – ZAR 6,000
  14. Kenwood HM430 Cake Mixer with Bowl: ZAR 1,000 – ZAR 1,900

How to Choose a Cake Mixer

Selecting the perfect cake mixer entails a nuanced understanding of your culinary requirements and preferences. Here are some vital factors to consider when making your choice:

1. Your Cooking Needs: Determine the scope of your culinary adventures. Whether you aspire to concoct intricate recipes or whip up simple delights, align your mixer choice with your cooking aspirations.

2. Weight: Balance the weight of the mixer with your usage patterns. Hand mixers should be lightweight for ease of handling, while standing mixers benefit from a sturdy build to withstand the mixing process.

3. Speed Settings: Opt for mixers offering a range of speed options to accommodate diverse recipes. From leisurely stirring to brisk whipping, versatility in speed settings enhances your culinary prowess.

4. Size: Consider both the physical dimensions of the mixer and its capacity. Balance space constraints with your cooking volume to strike an optimal balance.

5. Accessories: Assess the availability of accessories compatible with your chosen mixer. From dough hooks to pasta rollers, a rich assortment of attachments amplifies the versatility of your mixer.


In the dynamic landscape of culinary exploration, a reliable cake mixer emerges as a steadfast ally, empowering aspiring chefs and seasoned cooks alike to unleash their culinary creativity. With Kenwood’s esteemed lineup of cake mixers and a nuanced understanding of your culinary needs, embark on a delightful journey of culinary discovery in the vibrant kitchens of South Africa.


1.What factors should I consider when choosing a cake mixer?

Essential factors include cooking needs, weight, speed settings, size, and the availability of compatible accessories.

2.Are Kenwood cake mixers suitable for professional use?

Yes, Kenwood offers industrial-grade mixers tailored to meet the demands of professional kitchens.

3.Can I find Kenwood cake mixers in South Africa?

Absolutely, Kenwood cake mixers are readily available in South Africa, offering a blend of quality and affordability.

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