Treadmill Price in South Africa (2024)

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Are you considering bringing the gym to your home in South Africa? With the rising focus on health and fitness, treadmills have become an essential piece of equipment for many. From American Fitness to Sole, various brands offer a plethora of options. However, before diving into a purchase, it’s crucial to understand the market and factors to consider. Let’s explore the prices of treadmills and essential buying tips tailored for South African consumers.

Prices of Treadmills in South Africa

The demand for treadmills has surged in South Africa, making it essential to gauge their prices. Below, we’ve listed some common treadmill brands and their price range in the current South African market.

American Fitness Treadmills

  • American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – ZAR 33,700 – ZAR 40,000
  • American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill Without Massager – ZAR 25,000 – ZAR 30,000
  • American Fitness 2.5 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – ZAR 41,120 – ZAR 48,000
  • American Fitness 3 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – ZAR 45,000 – ZAR 50,000
  • American Fitness commercial 4 HP Treadmill With Massager, Dumbbells, USB Sit-Up & MP3 – ZAR 1,600,000 – ZAR 1,800,000
  • American Fitness Manual Treadmill – ZAR 11,300 – ZAR 15,000

Body Fit Treadmills

  • 4hp DC POWER 4685 TREADMILL SEMI-COMMERCIAL – ZAR 68,000 – ZAR 72,000
  • BF1900 Home- Use Treadmill 3hp – ZAR 33,900 – ZAR 40,000
  • Manual Treadmill With Stepper – ZAR 12,900 – ZAR 15,000
  • Electrical Treadmill 1.5HP BF1025S Motorized Power Running Home Fitness Machine – ZAR 53,500 – ZAR 55,000
  • Body Fit Sup 1 USA Treadmill 2.5 HP – ZAR 18,600 – ZAR 20,000
  • Body Fit BF 5000B Treadmill With Massager and Bluetooth – ZAR 42,300 – ZAR 45,000
  • Body Fit Commercial Treadmill 6 HP BF 4895 – ZAR 1,287,000 – ZAR 1,400,000

De Young Treadmills

  • De Young 2.5 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline And Massager – ZAR 31,415 – ZAR 42,000
  • De Young 3 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline And Massager – ZAR 55,000 – ZAR 60,000
  • De Young 3.5 HP Commercial Treadmill With MP3, Incline And Massager – ZAR 60,000 – ZAR 65,000
  • De Young Universal Manual Treadmill with Sit-up – ZAR 12,875 – ZAR 13,500

House Fit Treadmills

  • Housefit 3 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL 130 KG – ZAR 600,000 – ZAR 650,000
  • Housefit 2.5 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL – ZAR 264,500 – ZAR 300,000
  • Housefit 4 HP MOTORIZED TREADMILL 150 KG – ZAR 805,000 – ZAR 850,000
  • Housefit 7 HP Commercial TREADMILL – ZAR 1.84 million – ZAR 2 million

Sole Treadmills

  • Sole S9800 Commercial Treadmill – ZAR 2.5 million – ZAR 2.8 million
  • Sole F85 SOLE Treadmill (2016 Model) – ZAR 1.45 million – ZAR 1.7 million
  • Sole S9900 Commercial Treadmill – ZAR 2.7 million – ZAR 3 million

Nordic Track Treadmills

  • Nordic Track NordicTrack T10.0 Treadmill – 3CHP (4.5HP) Motor With Tablet Holder – ZAR 650,000 – ZAR 750,000

Nashua Treadmills

  • Nashua 3 HP Treadmill With Massager – ZAR 499,000 – ZAR 510,000
  • Nashua 2.5 HP Treadmill With Massage, Music, Twister JX-662SD – ZAR 360,000 – ZAR 400,000

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Treadmill

  1. Test the Treadmill: Ensure to test the treadmill you’re considering purchasing on the spot. This allows you to gauge its comfort and suitability.
  2. Space and Placement: Consider the space where you intend to place the treadmill and whether a collapsible unit is necessary.
  3. Controls: Check if the controls for speed and incline are easily accessible and comfortable to use during workouts.
  4. Budget: Determine your budget range and look for treadmills that fit within it, considering both upfront costs and potential maintenance expenses.
  5. Features: Assess the features offered by different treadmills and prioritize those that align with your fitness goals and preferences.
  6. Warranty and After-Sales Service: Look for treadmills that come with warranties and reliable after-sales service to ensure long-term satisfaction with your purchase.
  7. Reviews and Recommendations: Research customer reviews and seek recommendations from fitness experts or friends who own treadmills for insights into the performance and durability of various models.


Investing in a treadmill is a significant step towards achieving your fitness goals, and choosing the right one requires careful consideration. By evaluating your needs, testing the equipment, and considering factors like space, budget, and features, you can find the perfect treadmill to enhance your home workout routine in South Africa.


1.Where can I buy treadmills in South Africa?

Treadmills are available in various fitness stores across South Africa, as well as online on e-commerce platforms.

2.Do treadmill prices vary by region in South Africa?

Yes, treadmill prices may vary slightly depending on the region within South Africa due to factors such as shipping costs and local demand.

3.Are there financing options available for purchasing treadmills in South Africa?

Some retailers may offer financing or installment plans for purchasing treadmills, allowing you to spread the cost over time. Be sure to inquire about these options when making your purchase.

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