LG XBOOM Price in South Africa (2024)

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Are you on the hunt for an unparalleled audio experience right in the comfort of your home? Look no further than LG XBOOM, the epitome of excellence in sound systems. Renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and superior sound quality, LG XBOOM series stands tall among the competition, offering a diverse range of options to cater to every audiophile’s needs. In this article, we delve into the world of LG XBOOM, exploring its models, prices, features, and what makes it a must-have addition to your entertainment arsenal in South Africa.

LG XBOOM Models and Prices in South Africa

LG XBOOM sound systems come in various models, each designed to deliver exceptional sound quality tailored to different preferences and requirements. Here’s a glimpse into some of the sought-after LG XBOOM home theatres available in the South African market, along with their respective prices:

  1. LG 480Watts Xboom Bluetooth HiFi Home Audio System CJ44 – From R14,200
  2. LG 40Watts Wireless Audio Streaming HiFi Xboom System – From R4,800
  3. LG Bluetooth HiFi XBOOM – RN5 – From R17,800
  4. LG Xboom HiFi System, Bluetooth, Dolby Audio HDMI – From R13,900
  5. LG 2350Watts XBoom Bluetooth HiFi Home Theatre Audio Systems – From R26,900
  6. LG 1800W XBoom All-In-One Bluetooth HiFi Audio Systems ON9 – From R27,200
  7. LG XBOOM 950 Watts CL65 – From R19,800
  8. LG XBOOM (AUDIO LK72B) – From R4,040
  9. LG 950Watts Xboom Bluetooth HiFi Home Theatre System-CL65 – From R23,400
  10. LG X-Boom Home Theatre HiFi System (CJ45) – From R14,660
  11. LG XBOOM 99CK 5000W Hi-Fi Audio System – From R80,650
  12. LG Super XBOOM Home Theatre – 72B + Free LG DVD – From R5,750
  13. LG 1000W ON7 HiFi Bluetooth XBOOM – Vocal Effect & Karaoke (MAMA) – From R39,500
  14. LG 500 Watts XBoom All-In-One Bluetooth HiFi Audio Systems – From R17,700

Experience LG XBOOM: What Sets It Apart

  1. Unmatched Sound Quality: LG XBOOM boasts exceptional sound output, setting a benchmark in the industry for its crisp, clear audio and thundering bass, ensuring an immersive listening experience like never before.
  2. Durability: As with all LG products, reliability and longevity are hallmarks of LG XBOOM. Built to last, these sound systems promise years of uninterrupted enjoyment with proper maintenance.
  3. Variety: From sleek designs to varying power outputs, LG XBOOM offers a plethora of options to suit diverse preferences and spaces, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  4. Seamless Connectivity: With Bluetooth connectivity, LG XBOOM makes it effortless to connect with external devices, allowing you to enjoy music from your preferred sources with ease.


LG XBOOM stands out as a top contender in the realm of home entertainment systems, offering unparalleled sound quality, durability, versatility, and seamless connectivity. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, movie buff, or avid gamer, investing in LG XBOOM ensures a premium audio experience that elevates your entertainment to new heights.


1.What makes LG XBOOM stand out?

LG XBOOM sets itself apart with its exceptional sound quality, durability, variety of options, and seamless connectivity, making it a preferred choice for discerning consumers.

2.Where can I purchase LG XBOOM in South Africa?

LG XBOOM sound systems are available for purchase from official LG distributors, authorized retailers, online stores, and contemporary gadget suppliers across South Africa

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