Maize starch Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Maize starch, a versatile ingredient found in various products from food to pharmaceuticals, holds a fascinating world of pricing dynamics. If you’ve ever wondered about the cost of maize starch, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll break down the retail price range in Naira, making it easy for anyone to understand.

Understanding Maize Starch Prices in Naira

Maize starch prices can vary, just like any other commodity. In Nigeria, the retail price range for maize starch is between NGN 450.74 and NGN 901.47 per kilogram. But what does that mean in simpler terms? Well, if you’re used to thinking in pounds, that translates to between NGN 204.42 and NGN 408.83 per pound (lb).

Deciphering the Numbers

Let’s put these numbers into perspective. Imagine you’re at a grocery store and you’re eyeing a kilogram of maize starch. At the lower end of the price spectrum, it might cost you around NGN 450.74. But if you’re willing to splurge a bit more, you might find yourself paying up to NGN 901.47 for the same quantity.

Now, if you prefer thinking in pounds, that same kilogram of maize starch would roughly translate to between NGN 204.42 and NGN 408.83 per pound (lb). So, whether you’re buying in kilograms or pounds, understanding the price range gives you a clearer picture of what to expect.


Maize starch prices fluctuate based on various factors such as demand, supply, and market conditions. By knowing the retail price range in Naira, you can make more informed decisions when purchasing maize starch for your needs, whether it’s for cooking, baking, or other applications.


1.Why do maize starch prices vary?

Maize starch prices can fluctuate due to factors such as changes in demand, supply disruptions, and market speculation.

2.Can I expect maize starch prices to remain stable?

While prices can vary in the short term, long-term stability depends on factors like agricultural trends, economic conditions, and government policies.

3.How can I find the best deal on maize starch?

To get the best deal, compare prices from different retailers, consider buying in bulk for potential discounts, and stay informed about market trends.

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