Makeup Box & Kit Prices in South Africa (2024)

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Makeup has evolved beyond a daily routine; it’s now a statement of self-expression and even a lucrative business venture for many. However, navigating the world of makeup can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the right products and organizing them effectively. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential makeup kits and their prices in South Africa, helping you make informed decisions whether for personal use or as a budding makeup entrepreneur.

Makeup Boxes & Prices in South Africa:

A professional makeup box is your first investment as a makeup artist. These boxes come in various sizes, types, and materials, with different brands offering unique designs and qualities. On average, a medium-sized makeup box can cost anything from R1,500, while larger ones may go for over R3,500, depending on factors like size, material, and brand.

Makeup Brush Sets & Prices in South Africa:

Makeup brush sets are indispensable for any makeup enthusiast. They come in different types, sizes, and materials, with professional sets usually made of high-quality animal hair like goat hair. On average, a makeup brush set can cost around R300, depending on the material and number of brushes included in the set.

Eye Pencils & Prices in South Africa:

Eye pencils are essential for adding drama to your look. Available in various colors, eye pencils can be purchased for around R50, depending on factors like type, size, and quality.

Concealers & Prices in South Africa:

Concealers are perfect for covering imperfections and evening out complexions. They come with various traits suitable for different skin types. On average, concealers can be purchased for around R70.

Foundation & Prices in South Africa:

Foundation is crucial for achieving flawless makeup. Available in various types and shades, foundations can be purchased for around R200, depending on the type and quality.

Mascara & Prices in South Africa:

Mascara enhances eyelashes and comes in different types and shapes. Waterproof mascara is particularly popular and effective. On average, mascara can be purchased for around R150.

Brow Gel & Prices in South Africa:

Brow gel supports and beautifies eyebrows, making it essential for professionals. Brow gels can cost around R250, depending on the type and brand.


Investing in quality makeup kits is essential for both personal grooming and professional endeavors in the makeup industry. By understanding the types of makeup kits available and their prices, you can make informed decisions and enhance your makeup experience.


1.Where can I purchase makeup kits in South Africa?

You can find makeup kits at various beauty stores, department stores, and online retailers in South Africa.

2.What factors should I consider when buying makeup kits?

Consider factors such as size, type, material, brand reputation, and your budget when purchasing makeup kits.

3.Are makeup kits a good investment for beginners?

Yes, investing in makeup kits is a wise decision for beginners as they provide essential tools and products needed to start experimenting with makeup looks.

4.Can I customize my makeup kit according to my preferences?

Yes, many retailers offer customizable makeup kits where you can choose specific products according to your preferences and needs

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