Maxi Gas Cookers Price in South Africa (2024)

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Looking to upgrade your kitchen with a reliable and top-notch gas cooker? Look no further than Maxi, a renowned name in the kitchen appliance market, offering a range of high-quality gas cookers designed to meet your cooking needs. In this post, we’ll delve into the excellence of Maxi gas cookers available in South Africa, highlighting their features, affordability, and why they’re a preferred choice for many households.

Maxi: A Trusted Name in Kitchen Appliances

Maxi has established itself as a leading brand in the kitchen appliance industry, known for its durable and reliable products. Whether you’re in search of a tabletop gas cooker or a heavy-duty model with built-in ovens, Maxi offers a variety of options to suit your requirements. With a reputation for consistent excellence, Maxi gas cookers are widely recognized for their quality, durability, and ease of use.

Affordability and Value

One of the standout features of Maxi gas cookers is their affordability without compromising on quality. While some of the latest models may come with a higher price tag, there are still plenty of options available at relatively lower prices, offering excellent value for your money. From tabletop cookers to standing models, Maxi gas cookers cater to various budgets and preferences.

Maxi Gas Cooker Prices in South Africa

Let’s take a look at the prices of some common Maxi gas cookers in South Africa as of March 23, 2024:

  1. Maxi 4-Burner Manual Ignition Table Top Gas Cooker: Starting from ZAR 4,500
  2. Maxi Table-Top Single Gas Cooker – 100-Oc: Starting from ZAR 2,200
  3. Maxi Tabletop Gas Cooker 200OC: Starting from ZAR 2,700
  4. Maxi Tabletop Gas Cooker 300OC: Starting from ZAR 3,070
  5. Maxi GAS COOKER 60X60 (4 BURNER): Starting from ZAR 48,000
  6. Maxi 50×50 4B Standing Gas Cooker: Starting from ZAR 19,950
  7. Maxi 50×50 3B+1 Standing Gas Cooker: Starting from ZAR 21,000
  8. Maxi 60x90CM 5B Standing Gas Cooker With Oven-MAXI60X90P: Starting from ZAR 53,450
  9. Maxi 4 GAS BURNERS + 2 ELECTRICS BURNERS (HOT PLATE): Starting from ZAR 48,690
  10. Maxi Free Standing Gas Cooker- MAXI 60×90 4+2 INOX: Starting from ZAR 54,950
  11. Maxi TABLE GAS (SINGLE BURNER): Starting from ZAR 1,800

Why Choose Maxi Gas Cookers?

  • Safety: Maxi gas cookers prioritize safety with features designed to control flame failure and ensure user safety.
  • Variety: With different sizes and burner configurations available, Maxi gas cookers offer versatility to meet diverse needs.
  • Easy to Use: Featuring straightforward controls and optional auto-ignition, Maxi gas cookers are user-friendly and require no special training.
  • Durability: Built to last, Maxi gas cookers are known for their longevity and reliability, making them a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.


Maxi gas cookers stand out in the South African market for their quality, affordability, and reliability. With a range of options to choose from, you can find the perfect gas cooker to elevate your cooking experience. Invest in a Maxi gas cooker today and enjoy the convenience and performance it brings to your kitchen.


1.Are Maxi gas cookers available nationwide in South Africa?

Yes, Maxi gas cookers can be purchased from various retailers and online stores across South Africa.

2.Do Maxi gas cookers come with a warranty?

Yes, most Maxi gas cookers come with a warranty, providing assurance of quality and after-sales support.

3.Can I find spare parts for Maxi gas cookers easily?

Yes, spare parts for Maxi gas cookers are readily available from authorized dealers and service centers nationwide

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