MTN MiFi Price in South Africa (2024)

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Are you looking for a reliable internet connection for your home or small business in South Africa? Look no further than MTN’s MiFi, offering seamless connectivity for up to 10 devices simultaneously. In this guide, we’ll delve into the pricing, data bundles, features, and frequently asked questions about MTN MiFi in South Africa.

MTN MiFi Prices in South Africa

The MTN MiFi, also known as MTN LTE MiFi, is available for purchase at a price of R7,500 along with a new SIM card. This offer is subject to availability and can be found at various MTN stores across the country.

MTN MiFi Data Bundles

Upon purchasing the MiFi, subscribers can choose from a range of data bundles tailored to their needs:

  1. MiFi Super Plan Offer:

    • 40GB Monthly Plan: R10,000 (includes 300MB free data daily)
    • 75GB Monthly Plan: R15,000 (includes 500MB free data daily)
    • 110GB Monthly Plan: R20,000 (includes 1GB free data daily)
  2. 100% MiFi Bonus Data Plans:

    • 12GB Monthly Plan: R3,500
    • 20GB Monthly Plan: R5,000
    • 25GB Monthly Plan: R6,000
    • 40GB Monthly Plan: R10,000
    • 75GB Monthly Plan: R15,000
    • 120GB Monthly Plan: R20,000

What does the MTN MiFi Offer?

Aside from allowing connectivity for multiple devices, the MTN MiFi offers the following perks:

  • Upon activation, subscribers receive 30GB of free data valid for 30 days.
  • Enjoy a 100% bonus on selected data bundles between R3,500 and R20,000 for six months with a new SIM card.
  • Option to top up an active monthly data plan with 3GB of data for just R1,000.
  • Subscribers on Super Plans (40GB, 75GB, and 120GB) receive free daily data starting from the seventh month of subscription.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about MTN MiFi:

  1. Who can enjoy the offer?

    • The offer is available to customers purchasing MiFi devices with New SIM bundles from MTN stores or partner shops. Existing MiFi device owners can also benefit from Super Plans or Top Up bundles.
  2. How can I activate the MiFi device along with the SIM card?

    • To activate the MiFi offer, follow these steps:
      • Purchase the MiFi package with a new SIM card.
      • Register the SIM card and insert it into the MiFi.
      • Switch on the MiFi and follow the prompts for activation. If necessary, send “Activate” to “131” via SMS.
      • Visit to claim the 100% bonus and activate data plans.
  3. How can I activate the offer on an old MiFi device?

    • If you own an old MiFi device, you can still activate offers by following the steps outlined above.


With MTN MiFi, enjoy reliable internet connectivity for your home or business in South Africa. Choose from a variety of data bundles and take advantage of bonus offers to stay connected seamlessly.

By providing affordable prices, generous data bundles, and convenient activation processes, MTN MiFi stands as a top choice for internet connectivity in South Africa. Experience the freedom of connectivity with MTN today!

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