MTN Solar Inverter Price in Nigeria (2024) & How to Get It

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In Nigeria, the perpetual challenge of inconsistent power supply has driven many to seek alternative sources of energy. Among these alternatives, solar power is gaining significant traction. Despite initial cost considerations, solar energy offers a clean, safe, and cost-effective long-term solution to power needs.

One notable initiative in this regard is the MTN-Lumos solar inverter system. This innovative solution provides Nigerians with access to solar power for their basic energy needs at an affordable cost. If you find yourself struggling with charging your mobile phone, laptop, or illuminating your home at night, the MTN “Yellow Box” could be the answer to your energy needs.

Understanding MTN Mobile Electricity Pricing Model

The MTN-Lumos solar power system operates on a Pay As You Go model, allowing users to enjoy the benefits without the burden of upfront costs. Instead, users can make incremental payments over time, ultimately owning the system outright.

MTN Solar Electricity Price in Nigeria

The pricing plans for MTN Lumos mobile electricity service are designed to accommodate varying financial capacities:

  • Daily payment: N300
  • Weekly payment: N1,800
  • 20 days: N4,300
  • 30 days: N5,400
  • 60 days: N10,000
  • 90 days: N14,000
  • 180 days: N26,000
  • 365 days: N51,000
  • 1800 days: N240,000 (one-time payment)

It’s worth noting that there are also 5-day and 10-day plans available, with more details accessible through MTN-Lumos customer care.

Important Considerations

  • A one-time setup and installation fee of N28,000 is required.
  • Ownership of the system remains with MTN-Lumos, with possible withdrawal for violations of terms and conditions.
  • The frequency of payments impacts the average daily cost, making monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments more cost-effective.
  • Failure to pay for a minimum of 20 days per month may result in service termination.
  • The system automatically debits daily plan amounts when payments are due.

How to Join the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity Service

To begin using MTN Lumos solar power, visit your nearest local store with an active MTN SIM card registered in your name and a valid ID card. You’ll also need two guarantors and the necessary funds for activation, setup, and installation fees.

MTN Lumos Recharge Code

Once installed, recharge your MTN Lumos setup by sending your preferred payment plan (number of days) to 317 after loading sufficient credit.

One-time Purchase Option

For those preferring ownership without a long-term payment plan, MTN Lumos offers a one-time purchase option on Jumia Nigeria’s website. This option includes the regular “Lumos Eco” and the more powerful “Lumos Prime.”


As Nigeria grapples with ongoing energy challenges, solar power emerges as a viable and sustainable solution. The MTN-Lumos solar inverter system offers accessibility and affordability, empowering individuals to take control of their energy needs. With flexible payment plans and one-time purchase options, solar energy is paving the way towards a brighter, more energy-independent future for Nigeria.


How can I contact MTN-Lumos customer care?

Dial 180 and select the option for inquiries on MTN-Lumos mobile electricity service to speak with a customer support agent.

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