Prices of Invicta Watches in Nigeria (2024)

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When it comes to luxury watches, few brands capture attention quite like Invicta. Renowned globally, Invicta has carved out a niche in Nigeria’s competitive luxury watch market. Despite their higher price tags, Invicta timepieces are highly coveted for their quality and style, leading to a significant growth in their market presence over the years.

Unveiling Invicta Watches in Nigeria:

Invicta offers a diverse range of watches tailored for different tastes and preferences. From men’s to women’s watches, and even His and Hers sets, there’s something for everyone in the Invicta collection. Let’s take a glance at some popular models and their current market prices in Nigeria.

Men’s Watches:

  • Invicta Pro Diver: N190,960 onwards
  • Invicta Aviator: N228,800 onwards
  • Invicta Speedway: N179,500 onwards
  • Invicta Bolt: N308,000 onwards
  • Invicta Sub-aqua: N482,000 onwards

Women’s Watches:

  • Invicta Angel Quartz: N122,000 onwards
  • Invicta Bolt Quartz: N106,400 onwards
  • Invicta Specialty Silver Dial: N70,000 onwards

His and Hers Sets:

  • Invicta Specialty Two Tone: N95,000 onwards
  • Invicta Specialty Rose Gold: N127,000 onwards

What Sets Invicta Apart:

  • Value for Money: Invicta offers a premium experience at a relatively affordable price point.
  • Variety: With a wide array of designs and sizes, Invicta ensures there’s a watch for every taste.
  • Ease of Wear: Whether it’s a rubber strap or a linked design, Invicta watches are comfortable to wear.

Points to Consider:

  • Size Matters: Larger Invicta watches are often perceived as of higher quality, which may disappoint those who prefer smaller timepieces.
  • Price Consideration: While not the most expensive, Invicta watches still come with a significant price tag.
  • Weight: Some may find Invicta watches to be on the heavier side when worn.


Invicta watches stand as symbols of luxury and style, making their mark in the Nigerian market. Despite their higher price range, the brand’s commitment to quality and variety ensures there’s something for every watch enthusiast. Whether you’re drawn to their value proposition or their diverse designs, Invicta remains a top contender in the world of luxury timepieces.


1.Are Invicta watches worth the investment?

Invicta watches offer a blend of quality and style, making them a worthwhile investment for those seeking luxury timepieces without breaking the bank.

2.Do Invicta watches come with warranties?

Yes, Invicta provides warranties on their watches, offering peace of mind to buyers regarding product quality and durability.

3.Where can I purchase Invicta watches in Nigeria?

Invicta watches are available in various retail outlets across Nigeria, as well as through online platforms.

4.Do Invicta watches maintain their value over time?

While individual factors may influence resale value, Invicta watches generally hold their value well due to their reputation for quality craftsmanship.

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