Quality Control Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Quality Control has become increasingly vital in manufacturing, requiring certifications for those in the field. These courses go beyond merely ensuring product or service quality, teaching methods to enhance quality to meet global industry standards. Here’s a rundown of popular Quality Control courses in Nigeria along with their prices:

1. Industrial QA/QC Training

This course integrates quality control with quality assurance, essential in various industries including fast-moving consumer goods, construction, pharmaceuticals, and more. Training costs range from N80,000 to N150,000 depending on the institution and location.

2. Six Sigma Awareness Training Course

Ideal for professionals seeking a fundamental understanding of Six Sigma concepts, this course aims to enhance overall quality by identifying and eliminating errors in the manufacturing process. Training costs vary from N150,000 to N250,000.

3. Quality by Design Training Course

Focusing on improving manufacturing quality through specific actions like cost reduction and compliance with regulatory standards, this course equips participants with systematic approaches to manufacturing. Training costs range from N180,000 to N300,000.

4. Quality Function Deployment

This course emphasizes the use of tools to create products meeting customer requirements, design robust products and services, and control maintenance strategies. Training costs typically range from N150,000 to N250,000.


Quality Control courses in Nigeria offer valuable insights and skills necessary for professionals in manufacturing industries. These courses are designed to meet global standards, enhancing product quality and efficiency in various sectors.


  1. What industries require Industrial QA/QC training?

    • Industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, construction, pharmaceuticals, and more benefit from Industrial QA/QC training.
  2. Who can enroll in Six Sigma Awareness Training Course?

    • There are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in this course. Anyone seeking knowledge about Six Sigma concepts can participate.
  3. What are the key areas of study in Quality by Design Training Course?

    • Participants learn about Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs), statistical design of experiments, Quality Target Product Profiles (QTPPs), and more.
  4. Which job roles benefit from Quality Function Deployment training?

    • Roles including Manufacturing Engineers, Marketing Teams, Quality Personnel, and Product Development Personnel find Quality Function Deployment training beneficial.
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