Solar Generator Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In recent years, Nigerians have faced a concerning trend of escalating prices for petrol (PMS) and diesel, the primary fuels for conventional generators. Coupled with dwindling power supply, with many areas receiving less than 10 hours of electricity daily, the need for alternative energy solutions has become urgent.

Enter solar generators – a promising innovation gaining rapid traction in the Nigerian market. In this exploration, we delve into the prices of various solar generators available and shed light on what to consider when making a purchase.

Solar Generator Prices in Nigeria

Despite being relatively new to the market, several brands of solar generators are already making waves. Here’s a glance at their prices and features to help you make an informed decision:

  1. BOSCON Solar Power Generator With Inbuilt Lithium Battery – Pure Sine And Solar panel – 400Watts – From N230,000
    • Features: 1 solar panel, 1 AC charger, inverter capacity of 400 watts, and more.
  2. BOSCON 1220W – 20W DC Solar Generator With FM Radio – From N85,000
    • Features: Solar panel, metal power box with built-in battery, LED bulbs, FM radio, and versatile DC outputs.
  3. Qasa Solar QPG-1000 Solar Power Generator plus Battery 200ah 30v AC, 12V DC – From N460,000
    • Features: Pure sine wave inverter, UPS functionality, recommended for powering deep freezers, and more.
  4. Qasa Solar Power Generator QPS–1000 And QSP–200W18V Battery –From N375,000
    • Features: Inverter capacity of 600w, battery capacity of 200ah, recommended for extended use with 2 solar panels, and more.
  5. UAPOW 1000 watts Portable Solar Power Generator – From N500,000
    • Features: High-capacity lithium battery, pure sine wave power station, versatile charging system, ideal for outdoor use.
  6. Qasa Solar Power Generator QPG-500 – From N264,000
    • Features: Pure sine wave inverter with UPS and AVR, capable of powering refrigerators, multiple output options, and more.
  7. SMS Solar Generator – From N85,000
    • Features: LED lamps, radio with MP3 playback, mobile charging capabilities, and efficient DC charging.

What to Look for When Buying a Solar Generator

Before making a purchase, consider the following factors:

  1. Battery Storage Capacity: Crucial for determining how long the generator can run on a single charge.
  2. Solar PV Input: Ensures continuous charging during the day and reduces recharge times after nightfall.
  3. Balanced System Design: Look for systems with well-integrated components for optimal performance.
  4. Portability: Especially important for outdoor or off-grid use.
  5. Component Quality: Invest in generators with durable components for longevity and reliability.
  6. Inverter Rating: Ensure the inverter can handle your power needs efficiently.


With the rising costs of conventional fuels and the erratic power supply in Nigeria, solar generators offer a viable solution for reliable and sustainable energy access. By considering factors such as battery capacity, solar input, and system design, consumers can make informed choices to meet their energy needs efficiently.


1.Are solar generators suitable for powering household appliances?

Yes, many solar generators are capable of powering various household appliances, including lights, fans, refrigerators, and even TVs, depending on their capacity.

2.Do solar generators require maintenance?

Solar generators generally require minimal maintenance compared to traditional generators. Regular cleaning of solar panels and ensuring proper battery maintenance are typically sufficient to keep them running smoothly.

3.Can solar generators be used during cloudy days?

While solar generators rely on sunlight to recharge, some models come with battery storage capacity, allowing them to provide power even during cloudy days or at night. However, prolonged overcast conditions may affect their performance

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