Table Salt Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Table salt is a common household item found in almost every kitchen. However, you might have noticed that its price varies from time to time. In Nigeria, the retail price range for table salt typically falls between NGN 444.70 and NGN 1,334.10 per kilogram, or between NGN 201.68 and NGN 605.03 per pound.

Why Does the Price Vary?

Several factors contribute to this fluctuation. One major factor is the cost of production, which includes expenses such as labor, transportation, and packaging materials. Additionally, changes in demand and supply can also influence the price. For example, during periods of high demand, such as festive seasons, prices may increase.

Conversion to Pounds:

If you’re used to thinking in pounds rather than kilograms, here’s a quick conversion: 1 kilogram is approximately 2.20462 pounds. So, when we convert the price range, it translates to roughly NGN 201.68 to NGN 605.03 per pound.


Understanding the price range of table salt in Nigeria can help you make informed decisions while grocery shopping. Keep in mind the factors that affect prices, and don’t be surprised if you notice fluctuations from time to time.


1. Why does table salt have such a wide price range?

  • The price range of table salt can vary due to factors like production costs, demand, and supply dynamics in the market. These factors influence pricing decisions by retailers and manufacturers.

2. How can consumers cope with fluctuating salt prices?

  • To cope with fluctuating salt prices, consumers can consider buying in bulk during periods of lower prices, looking out for promotions or discounts, or exploring alternative brands that might offer better value for money.

3. Are there any health risks associated with cheaper table salt options?

  • Cheaper table salt options may not differ significantly in terms of health risks compared to more expensive ones. However, consumers should always check for quality and ensure that the salt meets safety standards regardless of the price.
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