Tiger Generator Price in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa, the Tiger generator, affectionately known as the ‘I beta pass my neighbour’ generator, has established itself as a household name. These generators, renowned for their reliability and affordability, have become an indispensable part of small businesses, beauty salons, and countless homes across the country. With power ratings below 2KVA, Tiger generators offer a portable and cost-effective solution to the perennial challenge of erratic power supply.

Tiger Generator Prices in South Africa

Here’s a glimpse of some popular Tiger generators along with their average prices in South Africa. Prices may vary depending on your location and prevailing market conditions.

  • Tiger Generator – TG1200/1550: R6,500 – R7,000
  • Tiger Generator – TG1550/1580: R7,800 – R8,500
  • Tiger Generator – TG1450: R5,000 – R6,500
  • Tiger TG2700 Petroleum Generator: R8,450 – R15,000
  • Tiger Manual Gasoline Generator: R3,850 – R5,000
  • Tiger TG1200 700VA Generator: R6,500 – R6,800
  • Tiger TG950 650VA Generator: R3,800 – R5,500
  • Tiger TG2700 Generator: R11,000 – R15,000
  • Tiger TG1550 Generator: R5,000 – R7,000
  • Tiger Generator – 100% Copper – Tg950: R7,800 – R9,000
  • Tiger Balm 950 Generator – Tg1500: R6,900 – R10,000
  • Tiger Generator – TG1500: R6,300 – R8,000
  • Tiger Balm 0-9kv Generator – TG1500: R7,900 – R9,000
  • Tiger TPG2500 2.0KVA Generator: R8,000 – R9,000
  • Tiger TPG3200EX 2.5KVA Generator: R10,000 – R20,000

It’s advisable to purchase Tiger generators from reputable electronic shops or accredited dealers of electronic brands like LG or Samsung to ensure quality and authenticity.

What You Should Know About Tiger Generators in South Africa

Tiger generators are not just affordable; they’re also remarkably fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. With power ratings ranging from 700 watts to 8KVA, they offer a versatile solution for various needs. However, it’s recommended not to operate them continuously for more than 6 hours to prevent overheating.

Tiger Generator Safety Tips for South Africans

  • Always use Tiger generators outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Never connect your generator directly to a wall outlet without proper isolation.
  • Protect your generator from rain and snow by placing it under a shade or in a designated generator house.

Things You’ll Love about Tiger Generators in South Africa

  • Low Petrol Consumption: Tiger generators are known for their efficient fuel consumption, making them cost-effective to run.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: Repairs and spare parts for Tiger generators are readily available and affordable in South Africa.
  • Affordability: Compared to other generator brands, Tiger generators offer excellent value for money.

Things to Consider about Tiger Generators in South Africa

  • Maintenance Requirements: Regular servicing is essential to maintain performance and prevent excessive noise or emissions.
  • Usage Limitations: Tiger generators are not intended for continuous use beyond 6 hours, and overloading should be avoided.


Tiger generators have emerged as a reliable and affordable solution to South Africa’s power supply challenges. With their compact size, fuel efficiency, and easy maintenance, they continue to serve as a lifeline for businesses and households alike.


1.Can Tiger generators be used indoors?

No, it’s essential to operate Tiger generators outdoors to prevent the buildup of harmful gases.

2.How often should I service my Tiger generator?

Regular servicing every two weeks is recommended, especially with frequent usage.

3. Can Tiger generators be used for extended power outages?

While they provide temporary backup power, continuous operation beyond 6 hours is not advisable.

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