Toyota Corolla 2005 Price in Nigeria (2024)

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If you’re in the market for a compact sedan that combines performance with affordability, the Toyota Corolla 2005 might catch your eye. As one of the flagship models from Toyota, a titan in the automotive industry, the Corolla has enjoyed immense popularity worldwide, especially in Nigeria. Despite being an older model, the 2005 edition still holds its own on the roads, offering reliability and fuel efficiency.

Price Overview:

Understanding the pricing of a vehicle is crucial for making an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown of the Toyota Corolla 2005 prices in Nigeria for both new and used models:

  • New:

    • Toyota Corolla CE 2005: Starting from N5.5 million
    • Toyota Corolla S 2005: Starting from N5.8 million
    • Toyota Corolla LE 2005: Starting from N5.85 million
    • Toyota Corolla XRS 2005: Starting from N6.4 million
  • Tokunbo (Foreign Used):

    • Toyota Corolla CE 2005: Starting from N2.2 million
    • Toyota Corolla S 2005: Starting from N2.3 million
    • Toyota Corolla LE 2005: Starting from N2.35 million
    • Toyota Corolla XRS 2005: Starting from N2.5 million
  • Nigerian-used:

    • Price range: N2.5 million to N2.8 million, depending on condition
    • It’s recommended to bring a professional mechanic when considering a Nigerian-used option.

Specifications Overview:

Understanding the specifications of the Toyota Corolla 2005 can help you gauge its suitability for your needs. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the specifications for each trim:

  • Toyota Corolla CE 2005:

    • Interior space, seating for five, fuel efficiency, and moderate performance.
  • Toyota Corolla S 2005:

    • Similar specifications to CE, with slight variations in exterior styling.
  • Toyota Corolla LE 2005:

    • Shares most specifications with CE and S trims, focusing on comfort and practicality.
  • Toyota Corolla XRS 2005:

    • Enhanced performance with a more powerful engine, sacrificing some fuel efficiency.


The Toyota Corolla 2005 remains a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable, budget-friendly sedan. With its diverse range of trims catering to different preferences, this model continues to be a popular option in Nigeria’s automotive market.


  1. Is the Toyota Corolla 2005 still a good buy?

    • Yes, it offers a balance of affordability, reliability, and fuel efficiency, making it a practical choice for many drivers.
  2. What should I consider when buying a Nigerian-used Corolla 2005?

    • It’s crucial to assess the car’s condition thoroughly, preferably with the help of a professional mechanic, to ensure you’re making a sound investment.
  3. Are there any significant differences between the Corolla 2005 trims?

    • While the basic specifications remain consistent across trims, variations in styling and performance exist, allowing buyers to choose according to their preferences and priorities
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