Toyota Corolla 2018 Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Toyota, known for its consistent delivery of exceptional vehicles, continues to dominate the automotive market worldwide. In Nigeria, one of its most sought-after models is the Corolla. The Corolla 2018, in particular, has garnered significant attention, boasting commendable features alongside a few drawbacks. In this guide, we’ll delve into the price of the Toyota Corolla 2018 in Nigeria and address common issues associated with this model.

Toyota Corolla 2018 Price in Nigeria:

The Toyota Corolla 2018 remains an affordable option within its class, offering top-notch safety features, appealing design, and impressive infotainment systems. Prices in Nigeria vary depending on whether you opt for a tokunbo (foreign-used) or Nigerian-used vehicle:

  • Tokunbo (Foreign-Used): Starting from N12.5 million for all trims.
  • Nigerian-Used: Beginning at N7.8 million for all trims.

Common Problems Associated with the Toyota Corolla 2018:

Airbags: Airbags, crucial for safety during collisions, have faced criticism in the Corolla 2018. Reports indicate instances where airbags failed to deploy despite significant impact, raising concerns about their reliability.

Forward Collision-Avoidance:

The forward collision-avoidance system, designed to prevent accidents, has been reported as malfunctioning in some instances. Users have noted issues with acceleration, posing risks of potential crashes.

Vehicle Speed Control:

Complaints have surfaced regarding the vehicle speed control feature. Instances of sudden acceleration without response from brakes have been reported, highlighting potential safety hazards.


While the Toyota Corolla 2018 offers affordability and commendable features, it’s essential to be aware of potential issues such as airbag reliability, forward collision-avoidance malfunctions, and vehicle speed control concerns. Prioritizing thorough inspections and seeking professional assistance can mitigate risks associated with these problems.


  1. What is the price of a Toyota Corolla 2018 in Nigeria?

    • Prices start from N12.5 million for tokunbo (foreign-used) models and N7.8 million for Nigerian-used vehicles.
  2. Are there any common issues with the Toyota Corolla 2018?

    • Yes, common issues include airbag reliability, forward collision-avoidance malfunctions, and vehicle speed control concerns.
  3. How can I ensure safety when purchasing a Toyota Corolla 2018?

    • Prioritize thorough inspections, inquire about the vehicle’s history, and consider consulting a mechanic for expert assessment before making a purchase
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