Toyota Highlander 2012 Price in Nigeria (2024)

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In the realm of mid-size SUVs, the Toyota Highlander 2012 stands tall, offering a blend of spacious comfort, safety, and reliable performance. If you’re eyeing this vehicle but are unsure about its costs and features, worry not. This blog post is here to demystify the Toyota Highlander 2012, making it accessible to everyone.

Toyota Highlander 2012 Price in Nigeria:

Wondering about the price tag attached to this sought-after SUV in Nigeria? Let’s break it down:

  • Tokunbo (Foreign-used): Starting from N11.9 million
  • Nigerian-used: Beginning at N9 million

FAQs About Toyota Highlander 2012:

1.Tokunbo vs. Nigerian-used:

It depends on your budget and preference. Tokunbo offers reliability but at a higher price, while Nigerian-used cars are more affordable albeit with potential issues.


The Toyota Highlander 2012 boasts above-average reliability ratings, making it a solid choice in its class according to J.D. Power.


Toyota recalled the Highlander 2012 twice due to issues with the occupant sensing system calibration and inaccurate load capacity labels. Always ensure these issues are resolved before purchasing.

4.Best Trim:

The SE trim strikes a balance between value and features, offering leather upholstery, heated seats, and more. However, preferences may vary among buyers.


The Toyota Highlander 2012 shines as a top contender in the mid-size SUV segment, offering a blend of comfort, reliability, and safety features. Whether you opt for a Tokunbo or Nigerian-used model, this SUV promises a rewarding driving experience, making it a worthy investment for Nigerian roads

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