Water Dispenser Prices in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa, water dispensers have become a popular choice for accessing clean drinking water conveniently. From offices to homes, these appliances come in various types and sizes, offering cold, hot, or both cold and hot water options. They range in price, from budget-friendly to premium, depending on factors like brand, features, and quality.

Types of Water Dispensers:

  1. Countertop Water Dispensers: These are compact units suitable for small spaces, offering both hot and cold water options. They are easy to install and often come with a sleek design.
  2. Floor-standing Water Dispensers: Larger and more expensive, these dispensers are ideal for offices or larger households needing more water. They may include features like built-in filters and child safety locks.
  3. Bottom-loading Water Dispensers: Pricier but convenient, these dispensers load water bottles from the bottom, boasting sleek designs and easy refilling.

Top Water Dispenser Brands:

  1. Samsung: Known for innovative features like child lock functions and energy efficiency.
  2. Kambrook: Offers affordable options with basic features, suitable for those seeking simplicity.
  3. Midea: Provides advanced features such as LED displays and energy efficiency.
  4. Russell Hobbs: Stands out for stylish designs and features like child safety locks.
  5. Kelvinator, Defy, and Marltons: These brands offer a mix of basic features and affordability.

Water Dispenser Prices in South Africa:

  • Tabletop models: Starting at around R500, these are the most affordable options, perfect for small spaces.
  • Floor-standing models: Beginning at around R1,500, these larger units are suitable for offices and larger households.
  • Bottom-loading models: Starting at around R3,000, these offer convenience and aesthetic appeal.


Water dispensers in South Africa cater to various needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a simple countertop unit or a feature-packed floor-standing dispenser, there’s an option available. Consider factors like ongoing maintenance costs and brand reputation when making your purchase decision.


  1. What types of water dispensers are available in South Africa?

    • Countertop, floor-standing, and bottom-loading dispensers are common options, each with unique features.
  2. Which brands offer water dispensers in South Africa?

    • Samsung, Kambrook, Midea, Russell Hobbs, Kelvinator, Defy, and Marltons are some reputable brands.
  3. What factors affect the price of water dispensers?

    • Features, brand reputation, and type of dispenser can influence prices, ranging from budget-friendly to premium options.
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