Zikel Cosmetics Pricein South Africa (2024)

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Cosmetics play an essential role in enhancing our daily beauty routines, and Zikel Cosmetics stands out as a leading brand in the realm of skincare and makeup. Catering to a diverse range of skin types and beauty needs, Zikel Cosmetics offers a plethora of products designed to empower individuals to express themselves confidently. If you’re seeking quality cosmetics that deliver both performance and style, Zikel Cosmetics has you covered.

Exploring Zikel Cosmetics Price List in South Africa

Let’s delve into the world of Zikel Cosmetics and explore their extensive range of products, each crafted to perfection to meet your beauty desires. Here’s a glimpse into some of the offerings available:

Face Category:

  • ZIKEL X TONTOLET (FACE & BODY GLOW): Starting from R450.00
  • BLUSH PALETTE – Glamorous 16 Color Blush Bronzer and Powder Palette: Starting from R650.00
  • POWDER PALETTE (Mini) Holy Grail: Starting from R550.00
  • ZIKEL FOUNDATION STICK: Starting from R320.00
  • Zikel Beauty Blender Kit: Starting from R375.00
  • And many more…

Eyes Category:

  • Zikel Seun Williams Eyeshadow Palette: Starting from R300.00
  • ZIKEL 14 COLOR NUDE EYESHADOW: Starting from R270.00
  • BROWFIDENCE (Normal / X): Starting from R120.00
  • Gel Liner – Smudge Proof Eyeliner – Matte Pure Black: Starting from R230.00
  • Zikel Brow Silk – Styling Cream – Long Lasting Makeup – Brow Gel: Starting from R275.00
  • And many more…

Lips Category:

  • ZIKEL X BREGHA (LUSCIOUS LIPGLAZE): Starting from R120.00
  • Zikel X MakeUp Ghana Lipstain: Starting from R80.00
  • Zikel 24hrs (Kiss Proof) Lipstain – 6 Rich Intense Colors: Starting from R100.00
  • Zikel Lips-Talk Glossy Lip Cream – Lip Gloss: Starting from R70.00
  • Lipstain Xoxo – Matte – Long Lasting – Fashion – Pick Single: Starting from R100.00
  • And many more…

Skin Category:

  • Zikel Golden Eye Mask Paste – Anti-Aging Formula – Wrinkle Repair & Deep Moisture Repair: Starting from R195.00
  • Zikel 24k Golden Cream – Day / Night Serum: Starting from R350.00
  • Zikel 24k Skin Care Kit – Golden Essence & Eye Serum & Face Cream Set: Starting from R650.00
  • 24K GOLD SERUM – GOLDEN AMPOULE: Starting from R270.00
  • And many more…

Accessories Category:

  • ZIKEL CLEAR PVC COSMETICS BAG – Multipurpose PVC Bag: Starting from R450.00
  • Zikel Star Lamp – Ring Light: Starting from R3,600.00
  • ZIKEL PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP CHAIR: Starting from R5,800.00
  • ZIKEL 18 INCHES RING LIGHT WITH MIRROR: Starting from R3,600.00
  • ZIKEL UTILITY BAG – Multi-Purpose – High Class: Starting from R480.00
  • And many more…


With Zikel Cosmetics, you not only invest in premium beauty products but also in the confidence and empowerment that comes with looking and feeling your best. Explore their extensive range of cosmetics tailored to suit every individual, and elevate your beauty routine to new heights with Zikel Cosmetics in South Africa.


1.How do I place an order with Zikel Cosmetics?

To place an order, simply visit Zikel Cosmetics’ official website or reach out to their authorized distributors in South Africa.

2.Are Zikel Cosmetics products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Zikel Cosmetics offers products suitable for various skin types, ensuring inclusivity and effectiveness for all.

3.Can I find Zikel Cosmetics in physical stores in South Africa?

Yes, Zikel Cosmetics products are available in select physical stores across South Africa for your convenience.

4.Are Zikel Cosmetics products cruelty-free?

Zikel Cosmetics is committed to cruelty-free practices, ensuring ethical beauty solutions for all.

5.What payment methods are accepted by Zikel Cosmetics?

Zikel Cosmetics accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile payment apps, and bank transfers, providing flexibility for customers

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