All-in-one Desktop Computers Price in South Africa (2024)

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In today’s digital age, the significance of computer systems continues to rise exponentially. All-in-one desktop computers offer unparalleled convenience and ease of operation, making them an attractive option for many users. While they may come with a higher price tag compared to traditional desktops or laptops, their integrated design and streamlined functionality make them a worthwhile investment.

Here, we delve into the landscape of all-in-one desktop computers available in South Africa, exploring their prices, key considerations, and recommended brands.

Prices of All-in-One Desktops in South Africa

All-in-one desktops span various types, classes, and brands, each with its own specifications, design, and style. Below are average prices of popular models available in South Africa:

HP All-in-One Desktop Computers & Prices

  • HP 200 G4 All-in-One Intel Pentium Dual Core – From R7,500
  • HP All-in-One 22-DD2270NH PC, 12th Gen – From R10,500
  • HP 200 G4 All-In-One 22″ FHD/Core i5-10210U – From R10,900
  • HP ProOne 400 G2 AIO, Core i3 – From R8,500
  • HP ENVY 31.5″ 4K All-In-One Core i7 – From R75,000
  • HP EliteOne 800 G8 24 All-in-One PC – From R25,000

Lenovo All-in-One Desktop Computers & Prices

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo-22″ AIO – From R5,500
  • Lenovo V30a-22 AIO, 10th Gen Core i3 – From R16,000
  • Lenovo V50a AIO (24″), Core i7 – From R20,000
  • Lenovo S200z All-in-One Intel Pentium Dual Core – From R12,000

Acer All-in-One Desktops

  • Acer Veriton Z All-in-One Intel Core i5 Desktop – From R12,000
  • Acer ASPIRE C27-962-UA91 – From R25,000

Dell All-in-One Desktop Computers & Prices

  • Dell Inspiron 24-3477 All-in-One Intel Core i5 Desktop – From R15,000
  • Dell Inspiron 24-3477 All-in-One Intel Core i3 Desktop – From R12,000
  • DELL INSPIRON 5400 AIO INTEL CORE i5 11TH GEN – From R35,000
  • DELL Inspiron 27 I7 All-in-One – From R45,000

Other Brands

  • Teclast 22 Air All-in-One AIO Desktop Computer – From R5,000
  • Samsung All-in-One Desktop Computer Series 5 – From R18,000


Considerations When Buying an All-in-One Desktop

When purchasing an all-in-one desktop, several factors should be carefully considered:

Display Size

The size of the display significantly impacts user experience. Larger screens offer better visibility and are suitable for multitasking or multimedia consumption. Consider opting for a screen size of 22 inches or larger for optimal performance.


Ensure the desktop meets your performance needs, including a powerful processor, sufficient RAM (6GB to 8GB minimum), and ample storage capacity. Higher specifications facilitate smoother multitasking and better overall performance.

Brand Reputation

Choose reputable brands known for quality and reliability. Established brands often offer better customer support and warranty services, providing peace of mind for consumers.


All-in-one desktop computers represent a convenient and efficient computing solution for users in South Africa. With a wide range of options available, careful consideration of specifications, display size, and brand reputation is essential to make an informed purchase decision. By weighing these factors and exploring the diverse offerings in the market, users can find the perfect all-in-one desktop to suit their needs.


1. Are all-in-one desktops more expensive than traditional desktops or laptops?

Yes, all-in-one desktops tend to be more expensive due to their integrated design and streamlined functionality. However, their convenience and space-saving features justify the higher price for many users.

2. What display size is recommended for an all-in-one desktop?

For optimal performance and user experience, a display size of 22 inches or larger is recommended. Larger screens offer better visibility and are ideal for multitasking or multimedia consumption.

3. Which brands are recommended for all-in-one desktop computers in South Africa?

Reputable brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and Samsung are highly recommended for their quality, reliability, and customer support services

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