Asbestos Ceiling Price in South Africa (2024)

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In the realm of construction materials, asbestos ceilings have made a notable comeback in South Africa, offering a blend of affordability, safety, and durability. Once prevalent but later shunned due to health concerns, modern asbestos ceilings have undergone significant improvements, making them a viable option for homeowners and builders alike.

The Evolution of Asbestos Ceilings

In the past, asbestos ceilings were ubiquitous in South African homes, only to be eclipsed by safety concerns stemming from asbestos fibers’ potential health hazards. However, with advancements in technology and materials, a new generation of asbestos ceilings has emerged, featuring cellulose materials extracted from plants mixed with minimal asbestos fiber content.

Affordability and Accessibility

In the realm of ceiling options, cost often plays a pivotal role. Modern asbestos ceilings offer a budget-friendly alternative, catering to those seeking cost-effective building solutions. In South Africa, the pricing varies based on factors such as location, vendor, raw material costs, transportation expenses, and governmental policies. Generally, high-grade asbestos ceiling sheets (1200 mm by 1200 mm) range from ZAR 120 to ZAR 150 per sheet, while low-grade options fall between ZAR 90 to ZAR 110 per sheet.

Advantages of Modern Asbestos Ceilings

  1. Affordability: Asbestos ceilings present a cost-effective option for homeowners, particularly those operating on a tight budget.
  2. Lightweight: With their lightweight nature, asbestos ceilings are easier to handle and install compared to heavier alternatives like POP and PVC, contributing to savings in both time and labor.
  3. Durability: Modern asbestos ceilings boast impressive durability, offering resistance to weather, termites, and fire, making them a long-lasting investment for any structure.
  4. Weatherproof: Asbestos ceilings provide reliable protection against the elements, ensuring longevity and structural integrity.
  5. Thermal Insulation: These ceilings contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings by providing thermal insulation, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

Disadvantages and Safety Considerations

  1. Health Concerns: Despite advancements, asbestos ceilings still pose potential health risks due to the presence of silica mineral fibers. Prolonged exposure to asbestos dust can lead to respiratory issues such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.
  2. Respiratory Tract Infections: Inhaling asbestos dust can result in upper respiratory tract infections, causing symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, and inflammation.


In South Africa, the resurgence of modern asbestos ceilings brings forth a compelling option for builders and homeowners seeking affordability, durability, and ease of installation. While acknowledging the inherent health risks associated with asbestos, proper precautions and adherence to safety guidelines can mitigate these concerns, allowing for the safe utilization of this versatile building material.


1.Are modern asbestos ceilings safe?

Despite improvements, modern asbestos ceilings still pose health risks due to the presence of silica mineral fibers. Proper precautions should be taken during installation and maintenance to minimize exposure to asbestos dust.

3.How much do asbestos ceilings cost in South Africa?

Prices vary depending on factors such as grade, location, and vendor. Generally, high-grade asbestos ceiling sheets range from ZAR 120 to ZAR 150 per sheet, while low-grade options fall between ZAR 90 to ZAR 110 per sheet

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