The Cost of Decking in South Africa (2024)

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Are you embarking on the journey of constructing a multi-storey building in South Africa? If so, you must include decking as a crucial phase in your planning. While the concept of decking may seem straightforward, estimating its costs can pose a significant challenge for builders and developers alike. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of decking costs in South Africa, providing you with valuable insights to streamline your budgeting process.

Understanding Decking Costs in South Africa

When it comes to determining the cost of decking in South Africa, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Several factors come into play, influencing the overall expenditure. Here’s a breakdown of the key considerations:

Size of the Structure:

The size of your building is a fundamental determinant of decking costs. Larger structures necessitate more materials and labor, thus increasing the overall expenses. Whether you’re constructing a modest duplex or an expansive mansion, expect the decking costs to scale accordingly.

Type of Structure:

Different types of buildings require varying decking approaches. For instance, high-rise or multi-storey buildings may entail multiple decking layers, leading to higher material and labor costs. The complexity of the design directly impacts the budget allocation for decking.

Material Prices:

Building material costs are subject to fluctuations, contributing to the volatility of decking expenses. Major components such as rods and cement play a significant role in determining the overall cost. While market consistency has improved in recent times, price variations remain a key consideration during budget planning.

Construction Period:

The timing of your construction project can influence decking costs significantly. Initiating construction during certain months, such as March to April, may result in lower expenses due to decreased demand and competitive pricing. Conversely, festive periods and year-end rushes often lead to higher material and labor costs.


Geographical factors play a pivotal role in decking costs across South Africa. Material prices and labor rates vary depending on the region, with urban centers like Johannesburg and Cape Town typically commanding higher expenses compared to rural areas. Factor in location-specific dynamics when estimating your decking budget.

Workforce Selection:

Choosing between individual contractors and corporate building management firms can impact your decking costs. While individual contractors may offer cost savings, they could compromise on quality. Corporate entities, albeit pricier, often provide comprehensive services but at a premium. Evaluate the pros and cons of each option to align with your budget and quality standards.


Decking is a critical phase in the construction of multi-storey buildings in South Africa, with costs influenced by various factors such as structure size, type, material prices, construction period, location, and workforce selection. By understanding these dynamics and factoring them into your budgeting process, you can effectively manage your expenses and ensure a successful construction project.


1.What is the average cost of decking for a 100 square meter floor in South Africa?

Expect to allocate anywhere between ZAR 75,000 to ZAR 150,000 for decking, depending on factors such as location, structure complexity, material prices, and construction period.

2.How do construction periods impact decking costs?

Decking costs may fluctuate based on the timing of your construction project. Initiating construction during off-peak months can lead to cost savings due to reduced demand and competitive pricing.

3.What role does location play in decking expenses?

Geographical factors, including material prices and labor rates, vary across different regions of South Africa. Urban centers generally incur higher decking costs compared to rural areas, reflecting the local market dynamics.

4.Is workforce selection crucial for managing decking costs?

Yes, the choice between individual contractors and corporate building management firms can affect decking expenses. While individual contractors may offer cost savings, corporate entities provide comprehensive services albeit at a higher price point.

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