Binatone Blenders Price in South Africa (2024)

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In today’s modern kitchen, blenders have become indispensable appliances, and among the plethora of brands available in the market, Binatone stands out as a beacon of quality and reliability. This comprehensive guide will delve into the prices and features of various Binatone blender models in South Africa, helping you make an informed decision for your kitchen needs.

Binatone Blender Prices in South Africa:

Binatone blenders are renowned for their quality, though they may not be the cheapest option in the market, they offer exceptional value for money. Here’s a breakdown of the prices of different Binatone blender models available in South Africa:

  1. Binatone 1.5 Litre Blender/Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG-595 (MK2) – ZAR 1,200 – ZAR 1,800
  2. Binatone 1.5 Litre Blender/Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG-555 – ZAR 1,500 – ZAR 2,000
  3. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-699 (MK2) – ZAR 2,500 – ZAR 2,800
  4. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-620 (MK2) – ZAR 2,100 – ZAR 2,500
  5. Binatone Glass Blender BLG – 600S – ZAR 2,200 – ZAR 2,500
  6. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG – 402 (MK2) – ZAR 1,300 – ZAR 1,600
  7. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG – 450 (MK2) – ZAR 1,200 – ZAR 1,600
  8. Binatone Blender and Smoothie Maker BLS 360 – ZAR 1,000 – ZAR 1,200
  9. Binatone Professional Blender 1500W – ZAR 3,500 – ZAR 4,500

Features and Benefits of Binatone Blenders:

  1. Readily Available: Binatone blenders are widely accessible across South Africa, both in physical stores and online platforms, ensuring convenience for consumers.
  2. Durability: Binatone products are synonymous with durability, promising long-term usage and easy maintenance, making them a reliable investment for your kitchen.
  3. Value for Money: Despite not being the cheapest option, Binatone blenders offer excellent value for money, delivering efficient and smooth operation, backed by their reputation for quality.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Binatone blender prices are competitive, striking a balance between affordability and quality, making them an attractive choice for consumers.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Binatone blenders are easy to maintain, with minimal chances of developing issues. In case of any problems, they can be easily fixed, ensuring hassle-free usage.

Things to Consider:

While Binatone blenders excel in quality and reliability, they may have limited variety compared to other brands. However, this trade-off ensures a focus on quality and consistency in performance.


Binatone blenders stand as a testament to quality and reliability in the South African market. With their durable build, competitive pricing, and ease of maintenance, they offer an exceptional blend of performance and value for money. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a professional chef, investing in a Binatone blender ensures a seamless blending experience for years to come.


1.Where can I purchase Binatone blenders in South Africa?

Binatone blenders are available in various retail stores across South Africa as well as online platforms like e-commerce websites.

2.Are Binatone blenders easy to clean?

Yes, Binatone blenders are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, enhancing their usability in the kitchen.

3.Do Binatone blenders come with a warranty?

Yes, most Binatone blenders come with a warranty, providing assurance for consumers regarding product quality and after-sales support

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