Bluetooth Speaker Price in South Africa (2024)

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Are you constantly on the move but still want to enjoy your favorite tunes? Look no further than portable Bluetooth speakers. These nifty devices allow you to take your music with you wherever you go, without compromising on sound quality. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of portable Bluetooth speakers available in South Africa, covering everything from prices to features to help you find the perfect companion for your adventures.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers in South Africa

Bluetooth speakers offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to enjoy your music wirelessly, whether you’re at home, in the park, or on a road trip. Here’s a roundup of some popular Bluetooth speakers available in South Africa, along with their prices in South African Rand (ZAR):

  1. Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speakers With 24hrs Playtime
    Price: R1,400 – R2,000
    Features: 24 hours of playtime, built-in microphone
  2. Braven 705 Bluetooth Speaker With 1400mAH Power Bank
    Price: R2,900
    Features: 12-hour playtime, IPX5 water-resistant rating, built-in mic & speakerphone, power bank functionality
  3. Beats By Dr Dre Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R6,000 – R9,500
    Features: High-definition bass and treble sound, portable design
  4. Blackweb Soundplay Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R2,000
    Features: Super loud speakers, HD sound, rechargeable battery
  5. Bose Flex Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R12,000 – R13,000
    Features: Excellent sound quality, bass performance
  6. F&D W30 Blade Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R1,000 – R1,300
    Features: Premium sound quality, clarity
  7. Jamkik Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R2,000
    Features: NFC, waterproof body, 2000mAh battery
  8. JBL Xtreme Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)
    Price: R12,000 – R14,000
    Features: Powerful speakers, splashproof design
  9. King One Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R1,300 – R2,000
    Features: High performance, stylish design
  10. Zealot Portable Multi-Function Bluetooth Speaker with Torch (S1)
    Price: R600 – R850
    Features: Rechargeable, MP3 player, FM radio, built-in flashlight
  11. LG Waka Waka Speaker
    Price: R3,900 – R4,500
    Features: Built-in battery, Bluetooth USB pull, 1-year warranty
  12. Soundlogic XT Wireless Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor Party Speaker
    Price: R2,000
    Features: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, rechargeable battery
  13. Tronsmart Element T6 60W Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R2,500 – R3,000
    Features: 360° stereo sound, built-in microphone, 5200mAh battery
  14. Zealot S2 Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R1,000 – R2,000
    Features: MP3 Bluetooth speaker, quality sound
  15. Zealot S5 Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Wireless Speaker
    Price: R1,200 – R1,700
    Features: Enhanced bass, built-in microphone
  16. Zealot Bluetooth Speaker S6
    Price: R2,500 – R3,000
    Features: Well-filtered sound, indoor and outdoor use
  17. Zealot S8 Powerful Bluetooth Speaker
    Price: R1,500 – R2,000
    Features: Thumping bass, crystal clear highs, versatile usage
  18. Top 12 Most Popular Bluetooth Speakers (in no particular order)
    Price range: R600 – R24,000

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Battery Life: Ensure the speaker has a long-lasting battery to keep the music playing all day.
  2. Water Resistance: Opt for a rugged, water-resistant speaker for outdoor use.
  3. Phone Charging: Look for speakers with built-in power banks to charge your devices on the go.


Portable Bluetooth speakers offer a convenient way to enjoy your favorite music wherever you are. With a wide range of options available in South Africa, there’s a speaker to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hiking in the mountains, a Bluetooth speaker ensures the music never stops.


1.Are Bluetooth speakers suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many Bluetooth speakers are designed to be rugged and water-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor activities.

2.Can I charge my phone with a Bluetooth speaker?

Some Bluetooth speakers come with built-in power banks, allowing you to charge your devices on the go.

3.How long does the battery of a Bluetooth speaker last?

Battery life varies depending on the speaker model and usage, but many portable speakers offer several hours of playtime on a single charge

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