CPUs Price in South Africa (2024)

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In the contemporary world, computers have become indispensable tools, serving myriad purposes across personal and professional spheres. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or communication, the central processing unit (CPU) stands as the cornerstone of every computing device, driving its functionality and determining its efficiency.

In South Africa, as in many parts of the world, navigating the CPU market can be a daunting task due to the plethora of options available. With various brands, sizes, and features to choose from, making an informed decision requires careful consideration of several factors.

Here, we’ll delve into the realm of computer CPUs, exploring popular brands and their respective prices in the South African market. Additionally, we’ll outline key considerations to help you make the best choice when purchasing a CPU for your computing needs.

Prices of Computer CPUs in South Africa

As the demand for desktop computers continues to rise, the CPU market in South Africa has experienced significant growth. Manufacturers continually introduce new generations of CPUs, intensifying competition and offering consumers a wide array of choices in terms of quality and variety.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular computer CPU brands along with their price ranges in South Africa:

HP Computer CPUs & Prices in South Africa

  1. HP 710 Intel Pentium J3 CPU: ZAR 8,500 – ZAR 11,000
  2. Omen 870 Gaming Desktop CPU: ZAR 22,000 – ZAR 65,000
  3. Envy 750 CPU: ZAR 25,000 – ZAR 27,000
  4. Envy 700 CPU: ZAR 18,500 – ZAR 21,000
  5. Elitebook 800 G3: ZAR 18,500 – ZAR 21,000
  6. EliteDesk 705 G3: ZAR 9,000 – ZAR 25,000
  7. Pavilion 500: ZAR 12,800 – ZAR 16,000
  8. ProDesk 400 G4: ZAR 15,000 – ZAR 28,000
  9. ProDesk 600 G2: ZAR 16,000 – ZAR 18,000
  10. Z240 CPU: ZAR 14,000 – ZAR 28,000
  11. Z230 Workstation: ZAR 18,500 – ZAR 21,000
  12. Workstation XW4600: ZAR 6,500 – ZAR 7,500

Dell Computer CPUs & Prices in South Africa

  1. Dell Vostro 3252: ZAR 10,500 – ZAR 14,000
  2. Dell OptiPlex 3050: ZAR 13,000 – ZAR 36,000
  3. Dell OptiPlex 5040: ZAR 15,000 – ZAR 16,000
  4. Dell OptiPlex 7050: ZAR 13,500 – ZAR 45,000
  5. Dell OptiPlex 3020: ZAR 12,000 – ZAR 13,500
  6. Dell Precision: ZAR 20,000 – ZAR 28,000
  7. Dell Inspiron 3650: ZAR 23,000 – ZAR 25,000
  8. Dell XPs 8920: ZAR 28,000 – ZAR 31,000

Lenovo Computer CPUs & Prices in South Africa

  1. ThinkCenter M800: ZAR 14,000 – ZAR 15,000
  2. ThinkCenter M900: ZAR 12,800 – ZAR 14,000

Please note that these prices are subject to change due to factors such as currency exchange rates and market fluctuations. It’s advisable to verify prices from local retailers before making a purchase.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Computer CPU

When selecting a CPU for your computer, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure you get the best value for your money. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Brand: Opt for reputable brands known for manufacturing reliable CPUs that offer excellent performance and durability.
  2. Cache: Pay attention to the cache memory size, as it significantly impacts the CPU’s overall efficiency. Choose a cache size that aligns with your computing needs.
  3. Warranty: Look for CPUs that come with a warranty, as it guarantees quality and provides peace of mind. Consider the duration of the warranty and opt for longer coverage whenever possible.
  4. Compatibility: Ensure that the CPU you choose is compatible with your motherboard and other system components to avoid compatibility issues and performance bottlenecks.
  5. Budget: Set a budget based on your computing requirements and explore options within that price range. Balance performance and affordability to find the best CPU for your needs.


the CPU is the heart of any computer system, dictating its performance and functionality. When purchasing a CPU in South Africa, consider factors such as brand reputation, cache size, warranty coverage, compatibility, and budget to make an informed decision. By carefully evaluating these factors and comparing prices, you can select the right CPU that meets your computing needs and offers excellent value for money.


1. Can I upgrade my CPU in the future?

Yes, many motherboards support CPU upgrades, but compatibility may vary. Check your motherboard’s specifications and consult with a technician for guidance.

2.How often should I replace my CPU?

The frequency of CPU replacement depends on factors such as technological advancements, changing computing needs, and hardware failures. Generally, CPUs can last several years before requiring an upgrade.

3.Are higher-priced CPUs always better?

Not necessarily. Higher-priced CPUs often offer better performance and features, but their suitability depends on your specific computing requirements. Evaluate your needs and compare specifications to find the best CPU within your budget

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