Cost of Renewing Passport in South Africa (2024)

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In recent times, the South African government shook things up with new fees for passports and travel documents, and understanding these changes is crucial for anyone planning international travel. Here’s a breakdown in simple terms:

What’s the Deal with Passport Costs?

South African passports now come with varying price tags depending on where and what type you apply for. For instance, an adult passport with 32 pages costs R600 if applied for within South Africa, but it’s R1,200 if you apply outside the country. There are also different rates for child passports and special categories like diplomatic passports.

Child Passports: Same Price, Different Rules

Child passports are priced the same as adult ones at R600, but they’re only valid for five years and must be applied for by parents or guardians. These passports are specifically for those under 16.

Emergency Situations: A Pricier Solution

Need a passport in a hurry? Prepare to shell out an extra R140 for an emergency passport. It’s a temporary solution valid for up to six months, ideal for urgent travel needs.

Maxi Passports: For the Frequent Flyers

Maxi passports, boasting 48 pages, are priced at R1,200. These are perfect for jet-setters needing extra visa and stamp space. They’re valid for a decade and can’t be renewed.

Lost or Damaged Passports: Paying the Price

If you misplace or damage your passport, you’ll have to fork out R1,200 for a replacement – that’s triple the cost of a new one. You’ll also need a police report for lost passports or the damaged passport as proof.


The cost of getting or replacing a South African passport has seen a significant hike. It’s wise to keep tabs on the latest fees and requirements from the Department of Home Affairs to avoid any surprises when planning your next trip abroad.


1.What’s the difference between a child and adult passport?

Child passports are for those under 16 and are valid for five years, while adult passports are for those over 16 and are valid for ten years.

2.Can I renew my child’s passport?

No, child passports are not renewable. A new application must be made once it expires.

3.How long does it take to get a passport in South Africa?

Processing times can vary, but it typically takes between four to six weeks for a standard application. Emergency passports may be issued quicker but come with additional fees.

4.Can I apply for a passport online?

Yes, you can apply for a passport online through the Department of Home Affairs’ eChannel service.

5.What documents do I need to apply for a passport?

You’ll need your South African identity document and, if you’re a child, a birth certificate. Additional documents may be required for special cases like lost or damaged passports.

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