Elemax Generator Price in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa, the quest for reliable power solutions is a journey many embark on due to the country’s electricity challenges. Among the plethora of generator brands available, one name stands out: Elemax. Hailing from Japan, Elemax has earned a reputation for producing top-quality generators tailored to meet diverse energy needs. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about Elemax generators in South Africa.

Elemax Generators: Powering South African Homes and Businesses

Elemax offers a comprehensive range of generators catering to various power requirements, from portable petrol generators to heavy-duty diesel models. Here’s a glimpse into the Elemax lineup along with their prices in South African Rand (ZAR):

  1. Elemax 2.5kVA: ZAR 5,000 – ZAR 8,000
  2. Elemax SH5300EX 4.8kVA (key): ZAR 21,000 – ZAR 25,000
  3. Elemax SH11000 10kVA (key): ZAR 62,000 – ZAR 70,000
  4. Elemax SH3200 2.6kVA (manual): ZAR 8,500 – ZAR 10,000
  5. Elemax SH3900EX 3.3kVA: ZAR 8,800 – ZAR 10,700
  6. Elemax Diesel Generator 7.5kVA Shx8000di: ZAR 57,000 – ZAR 65,000
  7. Elemax SH7600ex 6.5kVA: ZAR 16,000 – ZAR 18,000
  8. Elemax SH7000DX: ZAR 13,000 – ZAR 55,000

Spotting Original Elemax Generators in South Africa

To ensure authenticity, it’s crucial to distinguish genuine Elemax generators from counterfeit ones. Here’s how to identify original Elemax generators:

  • Look for the “Made in Japan” label, as all authentic Elemax products originate from Japan.
  • Check for accurate branding and model numbers, avoiding variations like “Elemaxx” or altered model designations.
  • Original Elemax generators may feature mentions of “Sawafuji Electric Co.” and “Honda” on their bodies, as they share components with Honda generators.

Elemax Generator Series and Specifications

Elemax offers a diverse array of generator series tailored to different applications:

  1. Value Series (Petrol): Ranging from 2.0kVA to 5.5kVA, featuring lightweight design, electric key starters, and extended runtime.
  2. EX Series (Petrol): Offering improved fuel efficiency with Elemax automatic voltage regulators, Honda 4-stroke engines, and enhanced frame designs.
  3. SHX Series (Petrol): Delivering portability and low noise levels, ideal for on-the-go power needs with compact designs and Honda 4-stroke engines.
  4. Heavy Duty Generators (Petrol & Diesel): Providing robust power solutions with powerful engines, automatic voltage regulators, and easy-to-operate controls.

Advantages of Elemax Generators in South Africa

Investing in genuine Elemax generators in South Africa comes with numerous benefits:

  • Durability: Built to last with high-quality components.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimal fuel consumption, reducing operational costs.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly designs for convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Aesthetics: Sleek and modern designs enhancing any space.


Elemax generators stand as reliable power companions for South African households and businesses, offering efficient solutions to combat electricity challenges. With their Japanese craftsmanship and innovative features, Elemax continues to lead the charge in providing quality generators tailored to diverse needs.


1.Are Elemax generators suitable for industrial use?

Yes, Elemax offers heavy-duty generators capable of powering industrial operations efficiently.

2.Do Elemax generators come with warranties?

Yes, authentic Elemax generators typically come with manufacturer warranties ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

3.Can Elemax generators be serviced in South Africa?

Yes, Elemax generators can be serviced by authorized dealers and service centers across South Africa, ensuring prompt support and maintenance

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