Frozen Chicken Carton Price in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa today, frozen poultry products stand as one of the primary sources of animal protein, catering to the dietary needs of many households. Not everyone has easy access to live poultry farms, making frozen chicken a convenient option available across the nation.

A common inquiry often arises in discussions surrounding frozen chicken: “What is the current cost of a carton of frozen chicken in South Africa?” In this article, we aim to address this question while shedding light on various aspects of frozen chicken consumption.

Frozen Chicken Carton Prices in South Africa

Chicken serves as a staple animal protein in numerous households, as well as in the culinary offerings of restaurants, bars, and hotels across South Africa. However, not all establishments rely on fresh farm chicken; many opt for the convenience of frozen chicken.

In the South African market, frozen chicken is available in various package sizes, with bulk purchases often proving more economical. Here’s a breakdown of the current prices of frozen chicken cartons across different product offerings:

  1. BROILER (Orobo) CHICKEN – Carton – 10 kilos: Starting from ZAR 2,500
  2. Frozen Chicken Carton – 10 KG: Starting from ZAR 2,200
  3. Carton Of Frozen Chicken – Cut 4 – 10kg: Starting from ZAR 2,200
  4. Frozen Chicken Laps “Soft” – Carton (Local Market): Starting from ZAR 2,100
  5. Chicken Wings – 10kg (Carton): Starting from ZAR 2,000
  6. Frozen Chicken Laps “Normal” – Carton: Starting from ZAR 2,500
  7. Boneless Chicken Carton – 10kg (Local Market): Starting from ZAR 2,900
  8. Chicken – Lap Orobo (10kg) Carton: Starting from ZAR 2,200
  9. Frozen Chicken Laps “Soft” – Carton (Local Market): Starting from ZAR 2,100

It’s important to note that these prices are subject to fluctuations influenced by factors such as government regulations, production costs, import duties, and currency exchange rates. Variations in price may occur depending on location.

Where to Buy Frozen Chicken in South Africa

Frozen chicken has become an indispensable commodity in South Africa, readily available in various sizes and locations. To purchase frozen chicken by the carton in person, consider visiting:

  • Cold rooms.
  • Market stalls.

Alternatively, explore online platforms like:

  • Gumtree
  • OLX

Please be aware that purchasing from online vendors may incur additional delivery costs.

Debunking Some Myths About Frozen Chicken

Misconceptions about frozen chicken often circulate, prompting concerns about its healthiness and processing methods. Let’s debunk a few of these myths:

Myth 1: Frozen chicken isn’t as healthy. Scientifically, there’s no nutritional disparity between frozen and fresh chicken. Similar to frozen vegetables, frozen chicken retains its nutritional value.

Myth 2: Frozen chicken undergoes more processing. Both fresh and frozen chicken undergo similar processing without the use of antibiotics. Freezing is simply a preservation method.

Myth 3: Frozen chicken requires thawing before cooking. Contrary to popular belief, frozen chicken can be cooked directly without thawing. Cooking methods include grilling, roasting, or boiling while frozen.


Frozen chicken serves as a convenient and practical option for households and businesses across South Africa, offering nutritional value and versatility in cooking. By dispelling common myths, consumers can make informed choices about incorporating frozen chicken into their diets.


1.Is frozen chicken as healthy as fresh chicken?

Yes, frozen chicken retains its nutritional value and is as healthy as fresh chicken.

2.Do I need to thaw frozen chicken before cooking?

No, frozen chicken can be cooked directly using various methods without the need for thawing.

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