Gas Cylinder Price in South Africa (2024)

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Gas cylinders have become indispensable in South African households, offering a reliable and efficient alternative for cooking and heating. In recent years, advancements in safety and technology have transformed the landscape of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders, providing consumers with more options than ever before. In this guide, we’ll explore the various sizes of gas cylinders available in South Africa, their prices, and essential accessories.

Understanding Gas Cylinder Sizes and Prices in South Africa

Gas cylinders come in different sizes to cater to various needs, from domestic use to industrial applications. Here’s an overview of the sizes commonly found in South Africa and their corresponding prices:

  1. 3 kg Cylinder:

    • Price Range: R500 – R800
    • Typically comes with a burner.
  2. 5 kg Cylinder:

    • Price Range: R800 – R1200
    • Options with a gas burner may cost slightly more.
  3. 10 kg Cylinder:

    • Price Range: R1200 – R1800
    • Suitable for family use and outdoor events like camping.
  4. 12.5 kg Cylinder:

    • Price Range: R1500 – R2300
    • Features a brass valve for enhanced durability.
  5. 50 kg Cylinder:

    • Price Range: R3000 – R5000
    • Ideal for large-scale cooking in commercial settings.

Accessories and Additional Costs

In addition to the cylinder itself, several accessories are essential for safe and efficient usage. Here are some common accessories and their prices:

  • Anti-rust cylinder cover: R100 – R200
  • Gas cylinder hose (20 yards): R500 – R1000
  • Gas cylinder hose (50 yards): R1000 – R2000
  • Anti-rust sitter with burner: R300 – R600


Selecting the right gas cylinder size depends on factors such as frequency of use and the number of people in the household. For most families in South Africa, the 12.5 kg cylinder offers a balance between affordability and usability. When purchasing a complete package, which includes the metered regulator, hose, and cylinder, expect to spend between R2000 and R3000, inclusive of the cost of filling the cylinder with LPG.


1. Are used gas cylinders available at a lower price?

Yes, used cylinders can be purchased at a reduced cost. For example, a used 50 kg gas cylinder may cost as low as R1500, while a used 12.5 kg cylinder can be found for around R800.

2.Are imported gas cylinders more expensive?

A: Imported cylinders tend to be pricier compared to locally manufactured ones. Prices for imported 12.5 kg cylinders range from R2000 to R3000 for used ones and R3500 to R4500 for brand new ones.

3. What makes Lite Safe LPG Composite Cylinders unique?

Lite Safe cylinders offer enhanced safety features, including UV protection, recyclable materials, and explosion-proof design. Although they come at a higher price initially, their efficiency and durability make them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

4. Can gas cylinders be used for purposes other than cooking?

Yes, LPG cylinders can also be utilized for heating, refrigeration, lighting, and industrial applications, making them a versatile energy solution for various needs.

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