Hair Clipper Price in South Africa (2024)

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In the realm of personal grooming, hair clippers stand as essential tools, not limited to barbershops but embraced by individuals seeking to maintain their desired hairstyles. Notably, the use of clippers transcends gender boundaries, with an increasing number of women opting for DIY haircuts. In South Africa, the market offers a plethora of brands, each catering to diverse preferences and needs. Understanding the landscape of hair clipper prices is crucial for making an informed purchase. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the prices of various hair clippers available in South Africa.

Hair Clipper Price Range in South Africa

Here’s a breakdown of popular hair clippers in South Africa along with their corresponding prices:

  1. Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Clipper – NG-888B
    • Price Range: ZAR 580 – ZAR 1,000
  2. T10 Rainbow Rechargeable Hair Clipper Cordless Hair Trimmer
    • Price Range: ZAR 650 – ZAR 900
  3. Chaoba Professional Hair Clipper With Aftershave & Bag
    • Price Range: ZAR 580 – ZAR 650
  4. Kiki New Gain KIKI Rechargeable Hair Clipper NG-699plus
    • Price Range: ZAR 715 – ZAR 1,530
  5. Kiki New Gain All-Metal Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper
    • Price Range: ZAR 13,300 – ZAR 16,000
  6. Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Full Head Balding Shaver
    • Price Range: ZAR 4,800 – ZAR 6,000
  7. Surker Quality Professional Rechargeable Clipper
    • Price Range: ZAR 6,500 – ZAR 8,000
  8. MRY Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clipper & Nose, Ear Hair Trimmer
    • Price Range: ZAR 15,000 – ZAR 21,000
  9. IPHISI Luxury Retro Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper
    • Price Range: ZAR 46,500 – ZAR 50,000
  10. Blueidea Rechargeable Haircut and Beard Shaver
    • Price Range: ZAR 5,000 – ZAR 7,000
  11. Nova Professional Hair Clipper/Trimmer
    • Price Range: ZAR 6,850 – ZAR 9,000
  12. Ubeator Newest Silver Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Hair Clipper
    • Price Range: ZAR 22,980 – ZAR 25,000
  13. Ubeator Multi-Style Hair Clipper USB Rechargeable Electric Newly Baldheaded Beard Trimmer
    • Price Range: ZAR 14,530 – ZAR 20,000
  14. WMARK Rechargeable Digital Hair Clipper NG-101
    • Price Range: ZAR 10,490 – ZAR 15,000
  15. Ubeator Newest T9 Gold Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper
    • Price Range: ZAR 9,000 – ZAR 15,000
  16. Vintage T9 Hair Trimmer
    • Price Range: ZAR 5,500 – ZAR 14,000


Navigating the world of hair clippers in South Africa requires attention to detail and consideration of individual preferences. From rechargeable options to luxury retro designs, the market offers a diverse array of choices to suit varying needs. Prioritizing factors such as battery life, accessories, and budget can aid in making the right selection. With this guide, you’re equipped to embark on your journey towards finding the perfect hair clipper for your grooming needs.


1.Can women use hair clippers?

Absolutely! Hair clippers are versatile tools suitable for both men and women, offering convenience and control for at-home hair grooming.

2. Are rechargeable clippers better than corded ones?

The choice between rechargeable and corded clippers depends on individual preferences. Rechargeable clippers offer portability and convenience, while corded ones ensure consistent power supply without the need for recharging

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