Honda Accord Evil Spirit & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Back in the mid-2000s, when discussions on Honda sedans seemed to have reached a plateau, a new player emerged in 2008 that reignited the conversation: the Honda Accord Evil Spirit. This sleek, innovative design took the roads by storm, capturing the hearts of Nigerians within a year of its launch.

Despite its unconventional name, the Evil Spirit embodied efficiency, ruggedness, and undeniable appeal both on and off the road. Honda, known for its creative and robust vehicles, once again showcased its prowess in the automobile industry with this groundbreaking model.

Arriving hot on the heels of Toyota’s “Muscle,” the Honda Accord Evil Spirit quickly established itself as a formidable competitor to the Toyota Camry. Boasting durability, strong performance, and firm handling, it shared many traits with its counterpart, solidifying its status as a top-tier sedan.

Production of the Honda Accord Evil Spirit spanned four years, from 2008 to 2012, garnering widespread acclaim before eventually being recalled by the company. Despite its discontinuation, the vehicle remains highly coveted, retaining its value remarkably well even years after its production ceased.

Prices in Nigeria:

For those in Nigeria seeking to own this automotive gem, both foreign-used (Tokunbo) and locally used options are available. While brand new models are no longer obtainable, Tokunbo versions offer a viable alternative, with prices ranging from N5,500,000 for 2008 models to N7,800,000 for 2012 models.

Locally used Honda Accord Evil Spirits are also in demand, with prices starting from N2,500,000 for 2008 models and reaching up to N4,500,000 for 2012 models, reflecting factors such as fuel mileage, overall condition, and production year.

What Sets the Honda Accord Evil Spirit Apart:

  1. Beautiful Interior: The sedan boasts a stylish and classy interior, featuring brightly lit gauges and conveniently placed controls.
  2. Strong Engine Performance: With powerful engines under the hood, the Evil Spirit delivers top-notch performance deserving of accolades.
  3. Comfort: Padded seats upholstered with quality materials ensure a comfortable ride for occupants.
  4. Smooth Handling: Balanced on the road, the Evil Spirit offers firm handling, providing drivers with an enjoyable driving experience.
  5. Durability: Easy maintenance and readily available spare parts make this sedan a durable and reliable choice for discerning drivers.


While the Honda Accord Evil Spirit excels in many areas, potential buyers should be aware of its relatively poor fuel economy and the possibility of higher costs for trim levels and additional options.


In the realm of sedans, the Honda Accord Evil Spirit stands out as a true road marvel, blending style, performance, and durability into one impressive package. Whether opting for a foreign-used or locally used model, drivers can expect an unparalleled driving experience that continues to captivate enthusiasts even years after its production ceased.


  1. What is the fuel economy of the Honda Accord Evil Spirit?

    • The fuel economy of the Evil Spirit may not be as pocket-friendly as some other models in its class.
  2. Are there different trim levels available?

    • Yes, higher trim levels and additional options may come at a higher price point
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