Oud Touch Perfume Prices in South Africa (2024)

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Oud Touch Perfume, crafted by Franck Olivier, stands tall as a pinnacle of sophistication in the world of fragrances. Designed specifically for men, this woody aromatic scent has captured the hearts of many since its inception in 2014. Today, we delve into the realm of Oud Touch Perfumes, exploring their variations and prices in the South African market, along with essential tips on how to apply them effectively.

Oud Touch Perfume Prices in South Africa:

Base Notes:

  • Musk, Amber, Vanilla

Middle Notes:

  • Jasmine, Violet, Patchouli, Rose, Olibanum

Top Notes:

  • Orange, Raspberry, Caramel
  1. Franck Olivier Oud Touch EDP For Men – 100ml – From R2,450
  2. Franck Olivier Frank Olivier OudTouch (EDP) 100ML + Ubermen Attraction (EDT) Perfume 100ML – From R3,700
  3. Franck Olivier Oud Vanille EDP 100ml For Men – From R2,600
  4. Franck Olivier Oud Vanille + Oud Touch (3 In 1) – 3 ×100ml Combo Pack – From R2,050
  5. Franck Olivier NIGHT TOUCH EDT Perfume For Men — 100ml– From R2,400
  6. Franck Olivier Bamboo Men Eau De Toilette. – From R3,000
  7. Franck Olivier BlackTouch Perfume (100ML) – From R2,450
  8. Franck Olivier White Touch EDP – 100ml – From R2,300
  9. Franck Olivier Oud Touch Body Mist Spray – 236ml – 3 Pieces – From R1,250
  10. Franck Olivier Blue Touch Perfume – From R2,100
  11. Franck Olivier FRANCK OLIVER Eau De Passion Man Intense EDT 75ml – From R2,600

Note: Prices may vary slightly based on location and vendor.

How to Apply Perfumes to Your Body:

  1. Dry your skin before spraying perfume.
  2. Begin lightly, gradually increasing the number of sprays.
  3. Apply perfume to heat areas like the neck, chest, and wrists.
  4. Avoid walking into your spray.


Oud Touch Perfume exudes luxury and elegance, offering a scent that captivates and intrigues. With a myriad of variations to choose from, each bottle tells a unique olfactory story. By mastering the art of application, you can ensure a lasting impression with every spritz. Explore the world of Oud Touch Perfume and embark on a fragrant journey unlike any other.


1.How should I apply perfume?

Start with dry skin, apply lightly to heat areas, and avoid walking into your spray. Gradually increase the number of sprays as needed

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