Price of Hawaii Soap in South Africa (2024)

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Hawaii soap stands out as a beacon of quality and reliability in the bustling beauty market. Enriched with a harmonious blend of nourishing ingredients, these soaps cater to diverse skin types, making them a sought-after choice among beauty enthusiasts. If you’re in South Africa and curious about these renowned beauty companions, read on to explore their essence, benefits, and affordability.

Price of Hawaii Soap in South Africa Today

Hawaii soaps offer a spectrum of types, each tailored to specific skin needs. The pricing varies slightly based on the variant and point of purchase. Generally, Hawaii soaps are priced from around R100, depending on the type and packaging. The popular Hawaii Papaya Calamansi beauty soap typically starts from R100 per pack. For those seeking the premium touch, the Hawaii Herbal Gold Soap, priced slightly higher, starts from R1500. Similarly, the Hawaii Carrot Herbal soap commands a price comparable to the Papaya Calamansi variant.

These soaps are available in various package sizes, ranging from packs of three to twelve. Bulk purchases often translate to cost savings, with larger packs offering more economical options.

What You Should Know About Hawaii Soaps

Hawaii soaps have garnered increasing popularity owing to their gentle yet effective skincare benefits. The Hawaii Papaya Calamansi, a crowd favorite, boasts a unique blend of herbal ingredients including Papaya, Calamansi, and Songyi Mushroom. Calamansi extract, renowned for its skin-whitening properties, works harmoniously with Papaya extract to exfoliate and soften the skin, leaving it radiant and supple.

The Hawaii Carrot bar, infused with carrot oil extract and Apricot Busters, offers a rejuvenating experience. Carrot extract, rich in beta-carotene, revitalizes the skin while Apricot Powder gently exfoliates, revealing a fresh and youthful complexion.

Benefits of Hawaii Soaps

  1. Acne Relief: Hawaii soaps are a boon for acne-prone skin, thanks to their protein-dissolving enzymes that effectively combat breakouts and blemishes. Regular use can lead to clearer, healthier-looking skin.
  2. Exfoliation: Particularly evident in the Hawaii Papaya Calamansi soap, the papain enzyme facilitates gentle exfoliation, promoting smoother and brighter skin. Regular exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells and enhances skin tone.

Possible Side Effects of Hawaii Soaps

While Hawaii soaps boast natural ingredients, individual skin sensitivity varies. It’s advisable to conduct a patch test before full application. Discontinue use if any discomfort or adverse reaction, such as swelling or itching, occurs.


Hawaii soaps epitomize the fusion of nature and skincare, offering a rejuvenating experience for all skin types. Whether you seek acne relief or radiant skin, these soaps deliver on their promise of quality and efficacy. Embrace the beauty of Hawaii soaps and unlock the secret to healthier, more vibrant skin.


1.Are Hawaii soaps suitable for all skin types?

Hawaii soaps cater to diverse skin needs, but individual reactions may vary. It’s recommended to perform a patch test before regular use.

2.Where can I purchase Hawaii soaps in South Africa?

Hawaii soaps are readily available at cosmetic and skincare outlets across South Africa. They can also be conveniently purchased online through various e-commerce channels

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