Prices of Vitamin E Oil & Capsule Price in South Africa (2024)

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Vitamins are the building blocks of a healthy body, and among them, Vitamin E stands out as one of the most crucial. Not only does it bolster our immune system, but it also plays a vital role in cell growth and maintenance. While obtaining this essential nutrient from food sources is feasible, many are turning to Vitamin E oil and soft gel capsules as convenient supplements. Let’s delve into the world of Vitamin E products available in South Africa, exploring their types, prices, benefits, and safety considerations.

Exploring Vitamin E Products in South Africa

In South Africa’s bustling market, a variety of brands offer Vitamin E supplements in different formulations and sizes. Here’s a glimpse into some popular options and their respective prices:

Puritan’s Pride:

  • Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E – 450MG (1000 IU) – 100 Soft Gel – From R1,500
  • Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E – 450 MG – 100 Soft Gel – From R1,500
  • Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E – (200 IU) – 100 Soft Gel –From R1,450
  • Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E – 450 MG – 50 Soft Gel – From R800

Piping Rock:

  • Piping Rock 100% Natural Vitamin E 400 IU {100 Soft gels} – From R500
  • Piping Rock 100% Natural Vitamin E 1000 IU {100 Soft gels} – From R650


  • Gnld Vitamin E 200 IU (60 Capsules) – From R1,100

Natural Foods:

  • Nature Foods Vitamin E Supplement for Quick Ovulation and Youthful Skin (90 Soft gels) – From R1,700


  • Animate Vitamin E Facial Oil – ’60’ Soft Gel Capsule (Green) – From R198

These figures serve as estimates, subject to fluctuation based on factors such as exchange rates and market dynamics. It’s advisable to verify prices locally before making a purchase.

Understanding Vitamin E: Benefits and Usage

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient, is abundant in various foods including vegetable oils, cereals, meats, and fruits. Its significance lies in combating deficiency-related ailments and supporting overall health. While obtaining Vitamin E through a balanced diet is optimal, supplements offer a convenient alternative.

Safety and Side Effects

When consumed within recommended doses (around 22.4 IU daily), Vitamin E poses minimal risk. However, excessive intake, especially above 400 IU per day, may lead to adverse effects, particularly in individuals with pre-existing conditions like heart disease or diabetes. It’s crucial to heed medical advice to avoid complications.


Vitamin E remains a cornerstone of good health, contributing to the proper functioning of vital organs and cellular protection. While supplements offer convenience, a balanced diet remains paramount. Prioritize your health by incorporating Vitamin E-rich foods into your meals and consult healthcare professionals for personalized guidance on supplementation.


Is Vitamin E supplementation necessary if I have a balanced diet?

While a balanced diet provides essential nutrients, supplementation may be beneficial for individuals with specific health concerns or those unable to meet recommended intake levels through diet alone. Consultation with a healthcare provider is advised for personalized recommendations

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