Provisions List & Price in South Africa (2024)

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In South Africa, like many other countries, grocery shopping constitutes a significant portion of monthly household expenses. From essentials like baby food and body care products to indulgences like beverages and snacks, understanding the market prices is crucial for effective financial planning. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essentials of grocery shopping in South Africa, detailing popular items and their current prices to help you budget wisely.

Grocery Essentials and Current Prices in South Africa:

Baby Food:

    • Similac Advance For Baby’s First Year: From R2,500
    • Aptamil Pronutra + First Infant Milk: From R1,300
    • Nestle Nan 1 Infant: From R500
    • Peak Infant Formula: From R450
    • SMA Wysoy Soy Infant Formula: From R2,400

Bathing Soap:

    • Asantee Papaya And Honey Herbal Lightening Soap – 6pcs: From R850
    • Belo Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Classic Soap – 65g: From R280
    • Dettol Cool Antibacterial Soap – 110g – Pack Of 6: From R450
    • Dudu Osun African Black Soap – Pack of 3: From R250
    • Johnson’s Vita – Rich Bar Soap – 125g X 6: From R1,200
    • Joy Beauty Bar Soap- Tender & Exfoliating -150g – 4 Bars: From R310
    • LUX Soft Caress – 65g X 6: From R300


    • Bournvita 20g x 10 pieces: From R650
    • Bournvita 500g: From R1,200
    • Nescafe 3-in-1 (32g x 30 pieces): From R1,500
    • Nestle Milo Chocolate Tin (1kg): From R1,700
    • Nestle Milo Hot Chocolate Refill (450g): From R700

Body Cream:

    • Estellas Pride Shea Butter: From R800
    • Fair & White So White Lait Skin Perfector – Lotion.Cream & Soap: From R8,500
    • Nivea Extra White Firm & Smooth Lotion -350ml: From R3,200
    • Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion – 400ml: From R1,500
    • Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream – 56g: From R6,000
    • Retinol Cream Anti-wrinkle Daily Protection Spf 20 – 50ml: From R3,500
    • Vaseline Harmattan Pack + Free Vaseline Pj 50ml: From R1,200
    • Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Vaseline – 2pcs: From R4,500


    • Huggies Nappy Pants Size 3 62 pieces: From R3,500
    • Huggies Nappy Pants Size 4 54 pieces: From R3,500
    • KissKids baby diaper (Size 3, 96 pieces): From R5,500
    • Molfix Mini Diaper Size 2 Jumbo – 96 Pieces: From R6,400
    • Molfix Baby Diaper – Size 3: From R5,500

Soft Drinks:

    • 5 Alive 85cl Pack(6 bottles inside): From R2,500
    • Amstel Malta Can 1 Pack (24 cans inside): From R4,000
    • Coca-cola Can 1 Pack (24 cans inside): From R4,200
    • Coca-cola Plastic Bottle 50cl 1 Pack (12 bottles inside): From R2,100
    • Fanta Plastic Bottle 35cl 1 Pack (12 bottles inside): From R950
    • Malta Guinness Can 1 Pack (24 cans inside): From R4,300
    • Maltina Can 1 Pack (24 cans inside): From R5,200
    • Maltina Small Plastic Bottle 1 Pack (12 bottles inside): From R2,500
    • Pepsi Can 1 Pack (24 cans inside): From R3,700
    • Pepsi Plastic Bottle 1 Pack (12 bottles inside): From R1,850
    • Sprite Can 1 Pack (24 cans inside): From R3,700
    • Sprite Plastic Bottle 1 Pack (12 bottles inside): From R1,900

Seasoning Cubes:

    • Knorr Beef Cubes 50 x 8g: From R600
    • Knorr Chicken Cubes 50 x 8g: From R650
    • T&G Larsor Peppersoup Seasoning – 10g X 1 Carton – 230 pieces: From R11,000
    • Maggi Naija Pot Seasoning (50 cubes): From R400
    • Nestle Maggi Cubes (100 cubes): From R670
    • Royco Beef Seasoning Cubes 400g: From R550
    • Tasty Cubes Chicken Flavor (108 g, 5 sachets): From R1,000


In South Africa, managing your grocery expenses is vital for maintaining a balanced budget. By staying informed about the current prices of essential items, you can plan your spending more effectively and make informed choices while shopping. Remember to keep track of fluctuations in prices and adjust your budget accordingly to ensure financial stability.


1.How often should I check prices to stay updated?

It’s advisable to check prices periodically, especially before planning your monthly budget, as prices may fluctuate due to various factors such as inflation and market conditions.

2.Are there any tips for saving money on groceries?

Yes, consider buying in bulk when items are on sale, opting for store brands instead of name brands, and making a shopping list to avoid impulse purchases. Additionally, compare prices between different stores to find the best deals.

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